I just realized that this DW din have a header post XDDDDD Pic Header would come when I get unlazy.
Welcome to Izzu's Dreamwidth Page aka Kaleidoscope World
(Title inspired by Kamen Rider Decade)
Off-site Archive aka Original fic portal

Fandom Dump
- My LJ comm that compiled most of the same stuff inside this DW.
- My FF.net Account
Archive of our Own 
- My AO3 Account
Wicked Wench
- My Livejournal account that I occassionally crosspost to. Some other non-fandom stuff can be found there. 
Atori Cafe
- My mostly-dead RP comm for whatever random RPs I used to do
Side Account
Satay Goreng
- My Backup Page for my important RP LJs posts and writing blog

Personal Twitter
Private Twitter
Toku Twitter

This is a Multifandom Dreamwidth account; which also applies to my Tumblr and fiction accounts. You can look at the tags for the kind of stuff and fandom I had in here. 

 Disclaimer: Occassionally. I did reviews and/or commentaries (summaries?) on the things that I watched. At times, when I'm more emotional... the view there can be a bit extreme. Some not. Half the time I tried to be neutral. So hopefully no one felt offense since I have many thoughts. Half the time those thoughts became fanworks~  


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