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( Mar. 28th, 2015 10:34 pm)
Keeping a listing, for personal log


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Kamen Rider

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Super Sentai

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( Oct. 5th, 2014 01:41 pm)
Title: Waiting
Series: Garo, Makai no Hana
Characters: Saejima Raiga, Mayuri, mentions of Kaoru, Kouga and Rei
A/N: Been a while since I last wrote anything anyway.

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( Oct. 4th, 2014 02:42 pm)
I guess with Makai no Hana ended and Honou no Kokuin started more new people gonna start checking out the whole franchise. Well... inevitable. But you know, I just can't help feeling a bit defensive of the series whenever new smartasses tried to put down the show.

Well... I ended up looking at the tumblr tags, and then saw some posts by people. And well...

I just don't get people's tendencies about comparing stuff to justify their opinion about certain shows. Can you just judge a series/show without having to compare another?

Cos I saw this post amongst others.... and kinda miffed at the statement. Is Garo better than Kamen Rider or Super Sentai? How Garo any different than shows written for kids aside from the boobs and nudity? Shallow statements that annoys me. Whether it's Garo, or Kamen Rider or Metai Heroes or Kaijuu or Ultraman etc... they all have their own different style and qualities and what makes people love them. And the writers of one genre of toku are most often also wrote for another genre. Doesn't disqualify any of their writings.

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( Jun. 16th, 2014 12:09 pm)
Title: Hey
Series: Garo, Makai no Hana
Characters: Zaruba, Saejima Raiga, mentions of Mitsuki Kaoru, Saejima Kouga
Summary: Pre-MnH. Little Raiga learnt a new word...


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( Jun. 16th, 2014 12:00 am)
Title: Tag
Series: Garo, Makai no Hana
Characters: Mitsuki Kaoru, Saejima Kouga, Gonza, Zaruba, Saejima Raiga
Summary: Pre-MnH. Funny how something so silly could be so miraculous.


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 So.... because of Godzilla 2014 hype... and the fact the site I usually streamed drama online happened to have Rebirth of Mothra, I ended up watching. Cos yeah... lately I've grown attached to Mothra.

Rebirth of Mothra trilogy

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( Feb. 18th, 2014 12:03 am)
Been awhile since I've updated this blog again.... so first post of the year....

This year gonna prove to be having a lot of toku stuffs to watch, no counting the usual sentai/rider slots every year...

Ryujin Juwara

This new toku series is locally made, with join co-operation with Yomiuri Production... based on the Ryujin Mabuyer series. But instead of set in Okinawa, it is set in Malaysia. To people that's familiar with the Mabuyer series... I supposed there would be a lot of familiar elements that can be seen here.

For one thing, the opening theme was the same as Mabuyers opening theme.... but with the lyrics adjusted to fit Juwara's setting. The 'villains' are also the same as in Mabuyer, and this time the evil Majimun gang targetting a certain village in Malaysia. The Mabui stones also came into play... and like it's counterpart in Okinawa, the Mabui stones in Ryujin Juwara also represented some of the 'spirits' and local lifestyle of the place.

Personally, I find the series a good start for the local tokusatsu scene... and hopefully it'll get much support by the local tokusatsu fans. The show was mostly in Malay language, with occasionally English and Japanese on the sides. And plotwise, Juwara sets years after events in Mabuyer. There's also a scene that were shot in Okinawa where our current hero tries to look for Mabuyer in order to find out how to use the new power that he recieved. It's quite funny to see the main character, Andil... frantically looking around for Mabuyer in Okinawa despite knowing nothing of Japanese language.

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Ryujin Mabuyer (Eng site)

Ryujin Juwara Streaming
So I watched PIECE. Kinda nice to watch... pity no one had subbed it in English yet.

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( Jul. 17th, 2013 04:58 pm)
So... I watched Pacific Rim. Most of it anyway since I sorta missed the intro a bit.

I see the refs with the tokusatsu fandom yeah. And by now, half my memory of the movie have faded so I shall just... mention my thoughts that I still remember.

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Saw episode 2 of Bima.

So technically I felt I should call this series Satria Garuda Bima instead of the other way around. Similar as to how you call any other Kamen Riders. Cos Bima IS the name of hero and he's a Satria Garuda (Hawk Knight). And I find the nod to Kamen Rider Black a bit flattering. Then again, Kamen Rider Black/Ksatria Baja Hitam/Suria Perkasa Hitam do have lots of impact on South East Asia toku fans.

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So there's the review/recap for ep 2. XD
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( Jul. 4th, 2013 01:48 am)
Cos I received a request. There. Indonesian lyrics in caps cos I was lazy to turn it off. Red lyrics are parts I can't hear well. Please, who have better hearing, correct it please.

Seperti Bintang - Ungu

Sudah aku temukan arti nafas ini untuk siapa. 
Telah aku dapatkan alasanku kekal di surga
Jiwa ku menuntutkan hati memilih untuk bicara
Tentang cahaya yang nyata kebajikan merubah dunia.
Seperti bintang takdirnya bersinar terang
Menjadi harapan tak padam ditelan masa
Tak pernah hilang, untuk jiwa yang abadi.
Meyakini nurani,  just put the soul to your heart

TN: Due to the red parts I can't hear clearly... basing the lines from here. Friend attempt to translate the song As well as the gist I get from the first episode. So here you go... the english translit. It probably change once the full lyrics out. Changed the lyrics cos apparently other people hear the lines differently, well... I was half asleep last time. And my hearing not the best at times.

Like A Shining Star - Ungu
Right now I have recovered, the reason for me to be alive
Already I have it, reason to reach towards the sky
My soul have decide on this, my heart chose to speak out... aloud
On that clear path of light, the courage to... change the world
Like a shining star, whose fate shone so brightly
Becoming hope for all, untarnished by the time or age
It won't disappear, this light inside my immortal soul
I will place my faith on this, just put the soul to your heart

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( Jun. 5th, 2013 09:50 am)
Been a while since I update pairing listing... adding more crack pairing and stuffs


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Kamen Rider

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Super Sentai

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Random thoughts about the Ultraman series... probably sparked from that thread in KRDL forums. I think it was from someone saying that... the recent Ultraman series more or less rehashed the same old ideas thus the lack of interest in fansubs picking it up. Imma like... riiiiiiight.

As if Kamen Rider and Super Sentai series don't do that so often. XD

Truthfully... to me, Ultraman series was kinda like the who-verse. Yeah... the basic concept was generally the same--Monsters started appearing on Earth, some special taskforce was formed to battle them... while not being so successful until an Ultran appear. Of which a young member of the taskforce (or some normal civillian with brave hearts) will end up becoming an Ultran and save the day. You'd get different monsters in every episodes... but occasionally some of the old monsters (suits) get to reappear in the new series. (Like Eleking, Gomora, Red King.... Pigmon. Same like the Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans...) Of which... truthfully, is not bad at all~

Because despite the similar premises, the plots are not exactly the same. Have to say the same with KR and SS. And that is fine.

Kinda spoilerish... I suposed. Touching some of the important plotlines after all. )
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( Jun. 27th, 2012 08:30 pm)
So random toku post time~

So... the other day I had gone randomly watching Ultra Seven X. FINALLY~ XD. I've been wanting to watch it partially because of Kagami Saki.

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Watched Killer the Beatstar as well. So moe~ I mean... with regards to Boss Hyuuga and Rei. All my feels~ hahaha. Boss is so cute I don't even... and naughty Rei near the end was just... sweet. Zero? Heh... I actually watched the side story for Rei and Boss~ XP /biased

Forever calling Boss as Hyuuga-ouji-sama~ Hahaha~

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( Feb. 15th, 2012 04:31 pm)
Repost from my Tumblr post.

So lately people been fussing about KR Girls and their covers. I don't get this. If you don't like... Why you kept grumbling about it? No life ka? Don't like, don't listen to it. It's like I don't try watch PR Samurai... cos I don't want self-stress. Not just because I don't fancy the cast aside the pink one, or anything... I don't like Bulk and Skull. Since the first MMPR. Is why I tried to self control myself to not dis people who liked the PR adaptations or DK (Well I still wanna watch DK.... but with Filesonic issue... I want to get the JP dubs OTL! Terminator Wing Knight-san sounds bearable with Matsuda Satoshi's voice. And at least with JP dubs I can stop giggling every second of the lines heard.) and try not get offensive when they say anything bad on toku.

But I forgot. Half the fanbase was like Narutaki... seriously I started to feel like Narutaki is the very embodiment of the narrow-minded fandom lot. Because personally, I don't find these covers that awful. 

KR Girls covering Journey Through the Decade

- And alongside them covering, there's Matsubara Tsuyoshi (if the info was correct) singing there what you... what you mean the song was no good? I've heard worst during karaoke with people trying to imitate Gackt singing. Those are the WORST. 

KR Girls covering Ryuki OP, OOO’s Anything goes (ignore the title, so biased WHAT ear rape?)

When I listen to these three covers, I actually find them to be okay… I liked it as much as the originals. It’s at least better than that time Psychic Lover made a cover of Justifaiz. (Not saying I hate him… I liked him singing Super Sentai songs more since his voice was better suited for SS-typed themes. And his other SS covers were nice as well) But really… I HATE him singing Justifaiz that time because he kinda overdid some parts. YES I like ISSA singing. Not like I griped about it at people. I already forgot about it... until now.

Geez people. I've heard many other covers and karaoke singing that's a lot worse than this.
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( Oct. 17th, 2011 11:21 pm)
So... on the sides, was watching random old episodes on TOEIcojp. Well, considering I'm not in Japan, can't watch the vids they uploaded on the recent shows... except on REBELIONS trailer and making of. Which was nice, I wanna watch when the movie's out. Even if it was just for Nagasawa Nao.

At the moment, the old series they're uploading is Kakuranger, Megaranger, Goranger, Gavan, Jiban(?), Robocon, Flashman, Kikaider, V3, BLACK, Hibiki, Agito, some random message thing I don't know and some other show I forgot. No subs tho, but I don't mind~ For now only watching Kakuranger, Flashman and Gavan. Tho I wonder if I should also peek on the other series (V3 esp... but I rather watch the original KR first ORZ), considering the vids would only be watchable for a week before they upload some new episodes and the old vids becomes unavailable to watch. Not sure if they deleted the old eps tho... I saw them as being private before. But hey~ at least they uploaded 2 eps of each series per week, atm it's for ep 23-24. 

Kinda feeling nostalgic tho, rewatching Gavan and Flashman. Yeah~ )

And last Sunday's Fourze 7 was funny. Why Miu gets even more adorable agagagagaggagaa )

Gokaiger on the other hand had Kimisawa Yuki guest-starring. /sighs. I DON'T EVEN KNOW KIMISAWA-SAN CAN TALK IN THAT SOFT-SPOKEN MOE WAY. WHAT IS THIS? ORE WA SHOCK! /moe overload

Last week also watched GARO Makai Senki 1Read more... )

And I forgot about Kaibutsu-kun's SP. Aah... then again, can't catch em all, I guess. Later go find as well. Let's Go Rider cheese has subs now. Hmmm... round 2 watching.

Even though most of the gist of the movie I already knew. Plot had been quite simple to understand after all.

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( Apr. 14th, 2011 01:28 am)
Watching Zebraman 2 just because of Maa-kun. XDDD I mean like, I love seeing him act. XDDDDD Tsukasa-biased hahahahha but really, Tsukasa's aura is still strong in him ~ <3 XP. Might try watching the first one... later. So funny... despite the dark and very serious theme. Love all the 'Heh?!" scenes. XD

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger 8

Been waiting for some random crack episode, haha. The guys are damn adorable. About time to see them in a not cool presence XD

Kamen Rider OOO 29

I love this episode. Really. Ankh angsty... not really that much, but hey... lefty is not just lefty~ Ankh's story's progressing~~~ XDDD. Interesting preview on Let's go Kamen Rider~ There's even a scene that was exactly the scene in Rider War! Will OOO affect Decade's story? Would it be revealed that it's not really fully his fault? XDDDD

Haha that's like short. I missed the times when I used to type long ass post over episodes. XDDDDD Later maybe. If it's important enough XD. Or I'll just write all that in fanfics.

Lately been having some writing drive, haha. Then again nephew been distracting me lol. so funny. Never underestimate babies on their walkers. They'll be doing a lot of cute you won't be able to keep your straight face on. I mean just the other day the kid been wheelinng sideways with a (XD) face turned at me and laughing. Lucky I hasn't been writing anything at the time else the muse will be gone. LOL. And the other day my nephew went superspeed on my direction excitedly in the middle of me doing Asar prayers...

I'm so weak on cute kids... OTL



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