The more i kept seeing that post about how Leia had faced lotsa things that didn't ended up turning her to dark side compared to some of her male relatives, I feel like wanna make a full dissertation to prove them how wrong they were.
Aka, to be honest... Leia was likely to be turned to evil as easily as would any other Skywalkers regardless of genders given some certain circumstances. Esp post RotJ. 
Post Jedi, she would be aware that she was also strong in the force. And Post Jedi, she would have lived with the knowledge that Darth Vader, a figure that she used to fear and hated... was her father. Post Jedi, she would start to be aware that she COULD use the Force like Luke and her father before her. 


Dammit. I probably ended up MAKING that dissertation.

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( May. 19th, 2015 01:29 am)
Something I always wonder about... regarding Ultraman, Jack, Ace.. and I guess also to Leo, 80 whoever else I missed. When they took on a human host, do they... after some time, merged souls with their human hosts? Cos while I wasn't familiar with the original series as well as Kaerikatta and the other showa ultra series, I am familiar with Ace's story. And I do remember that Ace retained a separate conciousness from Seiji and Yuko. While I do need to rewatch Ace (and I do have somewhere to watch the raw) I did kinda have that impression that after Yuko left, Ace and Seiji didn't feel so separated as much. Like they became more of a single entity. But then this came from a child's memory so it might not add any weight.

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( Jun. 22nd, 2014 09:32 am)
Because that parallel btw Gaim and Basara strikes again. Need to type this out so it'll affect future writings at least. Mine.

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Yanno... there was this post on tumblr the other day, and somehow... it vexed me a lot like the way normal mundane stuff vexes Asakura. Because the post tried to reason--no, generalize how people interpret or defend their character, yet using the completely wrong comparison.

Said post was...

"If tumblr had existed back during the time 555 had aired, would people have defended Kusaka Masato the way people now defended Micchi?"

Such generalization... made me laugh.

Well, I don't speak for the other people who liked and defended Micchi til now, but I'll state my own opinions here. Because yes, I love Micchi and despite the things he'd done till now and the wrong choices he took, I want him to get a chance to redeem himself. And seriously, to compare Micchi and Kusaka is really off. Yes, both of them had similar modus operandi; in terms about their love interest (Mari/Mai) and the whole back-stabbing thing. But so far, that is as far as similarities went.

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On that note as well, I hadn't want Sid to die either. But it's already amazing that Urobutcher hadn't killed a lot of the named characters already so I reluctantly accepted him sacrificing Sid. It's been a while anyway since Hase was killed (Yuuya too) so I'll give Urobutcher a break. Death of uncountable Yggdrasill employees do not count in this statistics since they weren't named.

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Random thoughts about the Ultraman series... probably sparked from that thread in KRDL forums. I think it was from someone saying that... the recent Ultraman series more or less rehashed the same old ideas thus the lack of interest in fansubs picking it up. Imma like... riiiiiiight.

As if Kamen Rider and Super Sentai series don't do that so often. XD

Truthfully... to me, Ultraman series was kinda like the who-verse. Yeah... the basic concept was generally the same--Monsters started appearing on Earth, some special taskforce was formed to battle them... while not being so successful until an Ultran appear. Of which a young member of the taskforce (or some normal civillian with brave hearts) will end up becoming an Ultran and save the day. You'd get different monsters in every episodes... but occasionally some of the old monsters (suits) get to reappear in the new series. (Like Eleking, Gomora, Red King.... Pigmon. Same like the Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans...) Of which... truthfully, is not bad at all~

Because despite the similar premises, the plots are not exactly the same. Have to say the same with KR and SS. And that is fine.

Kinda spoilerish... I suposed. Touching some of the important plotlines after all. )
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( Jul. 7th, 2012 01:11 pm)
Random Who post yeay~~~

SJA/DW muses~ )


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