Got back to civilisation... I still need to remind self that KKB is cold and that fact will not change any time soon. Anyway...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I would have copy pasta some more CNY wishes but I was lazy.... XD
So anyway... hope this year would be even better than last and as Taiga would have said it... this year would be another battle! XP

Later be watching Decade, provided I can take over the comp long enough to watch it and review it. I'm loving Faiz and Kiva still. XOOO
Almost finishing the last few episodes... lalalalala.

So, summary for episode 11 - 13 of Faiz (because initial episodes mostly are basic plot starters and it's only after  nearing 20 something episodes that the theme really went deeper and my love for Yuji really gonna prompt me to review the plot deeply. XD)

3 episode summary~ )

For some reason I swear half the time I was watching it just for the glimpse of that cute Chihuahua named Chaco that Mr. J, one of the Lucky Clovers was keeping. Damn cute dog. XO.

And my mom are koreking old photos to want to scan later and post on FB. XO.
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( Jan. 26th, 2009 03:27 pm)
I just realized that this DW din have a header post XDDDDD Pic Header would come when I get unlazy.
Welcome to Izzu's Dreamwidth Page aka Kaleidoscope World
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This is a Multifandom Dreamwidth account; which also applies to my Tumblr and fiction accounts. You can look at the tags for the kind of stuff and fandom I had in here. 

 Disclaimer: Occassionally. I did reviews and/or commentaries (summaries?) on the things that I watched. At times, when I'm more emotional... the view there can be a bit extreme. Some not. Half the time I tried to be neutral. So hopefully no one felt offense since I have many thoughts. Half the time those thoughts became fanworks~  
Finally finished Faiz. Now downloading Paradise Lost and HBV because I wanna see more Yuji (He was damn cute in the HBV. Seeing him smile and sing in earnest really warmed my heart. Because Yuji needed to be happy more). Yes I am biased to Yuji. Takumi is okay... but I wanted more Yuji. XD. Gotta finish up iconing all those screenshots in my folders before going to do those from the photobooks. And yes... if I started iconing Faiz.... they'll be mostly Yuji-centric. Hahahahaha. And I had to remind self to do Wataru's moodtheme and use it for my personal comm. (or use that for writing journal and try if I can make Yuji mood theme for comm instead. XD)

Watched Decade ep 1. I guess for a first episode it was okay... I guess. Although some parts I can't help exclaiming Kingdom Hearts here and there... XD.

See if memory served. Was lazy to reopen the youtube just to rereview this episode. And the torrent was slow atm.

Decade 01 )

Not bad... I ended up typing so long. So gay. I wonder if they gonna have some other cameos from some other previous casts aside some of the confirmed previous rider cast? (Because Akiyama Ren's ori actor is no more? XOO) But that's like hoping the impossible.... despite I really hoped to see Izumi-san and Hosokawa-san again. XD  (I am really biased about some actors YES)

And continuing on Faiz... XD

Summary for Episode 14 - 18 )

Damn... Yuji's so badass...
If I can get a Kaixa belt, I am so doing his Smart Brain CEO version. XD.


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