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Title: Goodbyes: Martha Jones-Smith, Mickey Smith and Sarah Jane Smith
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: G
Character: Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones (Smith), Mickey Smith, Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith
Summary: End of Time. Realising that his life was about to reach another end, the Doctor decided that he needed to take a look at the things he had done, as well as said his proper goodbyes to the ones that mattered.


Honestly judging by the order of companions he had in this current incarnation, Rose should be the first on the list. Yet... he could not exactly see her right away and of every companion he ever had, Rose was the only one he would rather not say goodbye too soon. So... after Rose there was Martha.

It seemed strange that things have turned up like this. Mickey was originally Rose's boyfriend and he had unthinkingly led Martha to fall in love with him. Then again he had always in some ways made most of his female companions enamoured by himself but he never really paid attention to it too much. It was only after Martha—well, actually meeting Sarah-Jane again had made him realize it but in her case; he did loved her in that same degree—that he realised that perhaps he did went overboard. In the past he always tried to avoid these kinds of complication—or ran away if it seemed to get worse—but perhaps because of his current appearance, it really, really get complicated.

And it was not just Martha that he felt a bit guilty about, it was Mickey too. In a way, he did take away Rose from him... and even if right now Rose was with his other self—it still did not change the fact that he took away Mickey's girlfriend from him. Fancy that...Yet it was odd to think that Martha and Mickey would end up together. Considering that Martha was with someone else before this, a fiancé. Someone named Tom Milligan...

A Smith and Jones pair... only difference now, that 'Smith' was not him. It was Mickey.

Yes, it was odd that Mickey and Martha ended up together... and he and Rose as well. Perhaps he should be glad that things had turned out like this.

Yet, right now to say goodbye to them so suddenly...


As sparks flew all around her, Martha dashed towards her husband as they bickered again over her stubbornness and madness on insisting to join him on this little adventure with the Sontarans. Well, it has now been second nature to her... how could she stop running around making a difference to the world after everything that they have gone through? Even if she had left the Doctor for quite a while, she never stopped following the path he had started her on ever since she first met him.

There was no way she could ever settle down like any other normal women on this earth...

As Martha tried to focus on the things that Mickey was explaining to her, suddenly she felt a presence. Something... something important was about to happen—is happening—right now as she turned her head around, until she found what—who—it was she was looking for.

And then she found him. She immediately alerted Mickey about it as she kept watching him—standing still from the platform and not saying anything, just watching over them in silence. At first she smiled at the thought she was seeing him again before... an unknown dread washed over her.

The Doctor remained standing... and watching them without saying a word, yet it felt as if he did say something. Many... many words... and emotions...

And then he walked away, just as silently. She heard Mickey let out a gasp, perhaps he felt it as well. She felt her husband pulling her close towards him, embracing her... holding her tightly. She tried to not let herself cry—willed herself not to—as the thoughts slowly sank in.

This would be the last time she would be seeing her Doctor. The last time. He came to say his goodbyes.

A part of her had wondered what had happened. Did this have anything to do with whatever it was that happened a few days ago that she had no recollection of? Because the only thing she remembered was seeing the approach of a great big planet—was it Gallifrey? The appearance of the planet did looked like something he used to describe of his home planet—before it suddenly vanished. There was a lot of panic being spread around at that time...

But what it had to do with the Doctor coming to say his goodbyes? Had he gotten himself hurt? Was he... dying? Oh god no... but what else it could be? She knew about the Time Lord's ability to regenerate; Jack had told her about it, as well as stories about the previous versions of the Doctor and she saw herself how Proffessor Yana—the Master—had regenerate into a different Master, yet she never thought it could happen to the Doctor. Even if the Doctor had regenerated into many other incarnation before. She just could not imagine...

Martha thought about the things that had happened to her ever since meeting the Doctor. How much of her life had changed... she would not have had met Tom, Mickey... Jack, and many other people if she have not known this Doctor. Her life would have been a lot different if she have not...

So if this was really a goodbye... if the Doctor really had going to regenerate into someone totally different after this...

Everything suddenly started crashing down on her.

And finally, Martha wept.


The Time Lord watched the young boy silently, as Luke was rapidly chatting to whoever it was on the phone before crossing the road carelessly. He shook his head before dashing towards the young boy, just in time to save him from being hit by a passing car to his death. He gave the boy a reprimanding look before walking away.

Luke could barely think of any other thoughts as he ran and called for his mother.

"It's the Doctor!"

Sarah Jane walked out in alarm as Luke pointed his hand towards the blue police box. Where a lone man had been standing and looking at her without uttering a single word. She caught her breath. She recalled that other time when they have last seen each other that the Doctor said that he would again come to see her. She never thought there was any meaning towards it, yet now... she wondered if it had been a premonition. Or even if the Doctor never thought to say it as one but perhaps he had realized that this day would finally dawn on him.

Because Sarah Jane could sense it. She always believed that should anything... happened to the Doctor, she would definitely feel it. Because feeling it she did.

Sarah Jane continued to watch the Doctor as he also paused to take a good look of her before parting. Yes, this would be the last time she would meet the Doctor. At least in this appearance. That was as much as she could tell. She willed herself to stand strong for her Doctor's sake. He did after all last time when she had insisted that they should say their goodbyes properly...

Ever since meeting the Doctor, Sarah Jane had seen and done many things she never thought she could have done in her life. She could not have imagined how it could be if she was not the person she was right now, the Sarah-Jane who used to travel the space and time with the Doctor. Yet, she could not always clung to the man forever. And she knew, that it should be the same as with the Doctor. It had dawned to her last time, on what was the real reason the Doctor had left her without any word... making her think that he had died, all those many years ago. Even the Doctor must have felt it very hard to let go of the people he loved... and cared. Fancy to think that the Doctor tried to properly say his goodbyes to those precious to him now, he never bothered much about it last time... when she was still very young. Always trying to avoid the last parting moments.

He must have been feeling so scared right now so much that he would do as much as this, she thought as Sarah Jane tried to smile at him.

"Don't worry about me, we'll be fine here," she tried to convey her thoughts as it seemed that the Doctor might have gotten it. The Doctor waved his hand before entering the TARDIS.


As she watched the TARDIS disappearing from view, Sarah Jane pulled Luke closed to her. Luke gasped as he started asking her if there was something wrong with her... or the Doctor. She shrugged as she kissed her son. She stared longingly towards the vanishing blue box before it completely disappeared from view.

She sighed to herself.

"Goodbye... Doctor. Till we meet again."



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