Title: Chuno Chronicles
Fandom: 추노/Chuno
Rating: G
Character: Song Taeha, mentions of Lee Daegil, General Choi, Wangson, Kwak Hanseom and the rest of his retinue
Summary: Collection of short pieces written for the fandom. Can be either character pieces or stuffs.
Theme: Survivor
Word Count: 100




Seeing the heartfelt reunion of the three people who used to trail him with fervor, so glad to see each other alive; made his heart ache. Because those two who encountered Hwang Cheolwoong and seemed to survive the ill-treatment lived, yet the men whom have fought and bled with him in battlefield did not.

Lee Daegil may have reunited with his fellow compeers but he? Unless he perished, he shall never see them. Those men who were most loyal, most courageous... most like his own flesh and blood. Yet, a thought of one survivor gave hope.

Until, he saw Hanseom's body.
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