Title: Chuno Chronicles
Fandom: 추노/Chuno
Rating: G
Character: Song Taeha, mentions of Kwak Hanseom
Summary: Collection of short pieces written for the fandom. Can be either character pieces or stuffs.
Theme: Brother
Word Count: 100


He had hoped, so fervently for a flicker of light...

Then he saw the soldiers, and his heart sank. Still, he ventured closer to take a look. Perhaps they escaped, perhaps they survived...

But then...

A body lie still, lifeless...

He wished the ground would swallow him whole.


His brother, his most audacious. The one who always barge through before him out of tenacity. The one who survived many torments of life... now lay defeated. How could one so tenacious perished so soon?

“Why are you lying there?”

He'd lost so many compeers; families and friends... he yearned to lose no more. Yet life's a fickle customer.
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