Title: Chuno Chronicles
Fandom: 추노/Chuno
Rating: G
Character: Hwang Cheolwoong, Song Taeha
Summary: Collection of short pieces written for the fandom. Can be either character pieces or stuffs.
Theme: Guilt
Word Count: 100

Guilt. A part of him still bore that. When he watched his heralded superior tortured; as the bones of his leg broke, it's there. When he watched his fellow compeers fell from grace, it's there.

Even then, he'd hoped for forgiveness. Even if he knew he didn't deserved it. He'd wronged them too much to ask for such kindness.

Every time he saw him limped; every time he saw him belittled. Every time he's treated as a fool; his guilt increased tenfold. He didn't dare look at him in the eye.

When the chance came, he wished he'd killed him. He didn't.

Character: Lee Jaejoon, Kwak Hanseom
Theme: Helpless
Word Count: 100

“Your Excellency, I shall pave the way...”

Seeing the young soldier so obstinately fought on despite the great odds, pained him like no other. So audacious and courageous; to uphold his righteous duties at the cost of his own life. That showed how much had the young one believed on his righteous path, a measure of how far he could fight to defend it.

He should flee, for the young man's sake. Even if chances were slim. For this man who wouldn't allow his compeers' death stop him from continuing the battle.

Yet he could do nothing but see him perished.

Character: Song Taeha, Hwang Cheolwoong
Theme: Friend
Word Count: 100

“Hwang Cheolwoong could read your mind,”

Somehow, reminded of that fact now made him sad. How could someone who knew him so well not know him that well? How could someone who was like his other arm be so further than himself?

“Have you ever thought of me as your friend?”

He thought it had been clear. In the battlefield, how could such bond not formed between compeers and fellow soldiers? How could he not see what was clear? How could one fought in the battlefield without entrusting their lives with their fellow comrades? How could you not consider such person...

...a friend?


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