Mostly featuring the royalties this time.

Title: Chuno Chronicles
Fandom: 추노/Chuno
Rating: G
Character: Crown Prince Sohyeon, Song Taeha
Summary: Collection of short drabbles written for the fandom. Can be either character pieces or stuffs.
Theme: Confidant
Word Count: 100


“Will you come with me?”

He hoped Taeha would join him; he needed to have a friend by his side who could support him. If not, who else could he turn to? The method he was aiming; to learn the enemy in order to defeat them, might not be approved by his father. But he had to try. For Joseon's sake.

Yet, he understood it. The Qing soldiers killed Taeha's family, he couldn't expect his friend to surrender unconditionally. He didn't push him.

When fate decided to lead Taeha to join him regardless, he was glad. His closest friend was by his side.

Character: Grand Prince Bongrim
Theme: Protect
Word Count: 100

He was worried. His brother was inexperienced in the matters of war, yet the Qing expects him to go into battlefield every time. He had to protect his brother, the royal heir. The one who would inherit the throne after their father.

Though lacking in experiences, his brother had an ace. His close friend, General Song. Who was a skilled warrior and brilliant man. Without him, his brother was vulnerable. Yet however capable that man was, the general could not take his brother's position and lead.

Thus he had to be his brother's right arm. He'll fight in his brother's steed.

Character: Grand Prince Bongrim
Theme: Unclear
Word Count: 100

How could brother be dead? He was so healthy before...

He was immediately allowed to return, to take his place on the throne. Nobody explained anything to him and he dared not ask. His sister-in-law was punished; simply for trying to find the truth. His nephews exiled; sent so far away. And his brother's friend, accused of a crime...

“How could this be?”

He had asked, yet Councilor Im promised to handle it alone. So the general lived, yet the councilor retired. The circumstances remained unclear.

He was to be raised as the new crown prince. Yet so many questions left unanswered.


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