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Finally watching Doctor Who: Snowmen.

I love Scrooge!Doctor he's so cute and adorable as always~

And I love how Clara's entrance be~ the tavern (?) have a reference to Rose (Rose & Crown) and she bloody chased the Doctor and kissed him ohhhhhh~~~ She's so Rose's successor~~~ <3. It's different than Amy when she kissed him, it's not some experiment or anything. Clara's plucky and brilliant and wonderful~~~ I love her over and OVER again~~~~

When the slight hints of the 'ladder', 'Pond', 'Run you Clever Boy' and "Remember Me" popped up... My heart just goes~ So they're linking Clara with Oswin Oswald and~~~~ oh, this is gonna be brilliant!

Sometime ago tumblr had pointed out a slight quirk of Eleven with his right hand. Not sure if Moffat had been planning for this for too long.... or if it's Matt... or anyone, but I am SO keeping the headcanon of Ten's memories/regeneration energy still remaining on THAT RIGHT HAND. Because once you noticed it... it started to get obvious now that that hand had a mind of it's own. Kinda like Ten and David Tennant... XD.

Like when he wanted to refuse Clara's call... and the right hand just gave an opposite answer. And when that hand played a puppet and started kissing the Doctor for coming to Clara's and the kids' aid like what he SHOULD do~~~

Oh I'm so loving this headcanon~~~~ 

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