Random popping up~~~ just because I had gone through some old pages...

Next week's gonna be the start of the next part of series 7 (Yay~~~~!) and the prequel to St. John's bell was out earlier.

And there goes the old defense over we can't blame Moffat for everything argument. Seriously. He's the showrunner, he may wrote some of the episodes but he overseas ALL the series he was showrunning. Any lack of flow between one point and another was still... part of his responsibility. And like Russel's tenure... the main theme of each series 5,6,7 is still up to Steven even if he didn't write all the episodes. I love Russel's showrunning tenure... and even if his wasn't so perfect either, it had flowed nicely. Despite that, I try not to be too critical on Steven. But it was a fact that Series 5 did make my interest drop drastically after 10's regen. It's not as much Matt's factor but more of Amy's character came out too strong. We had Donna previously, so having another red head would have bore better had they not try to make Amy much more aggressive than Donna. Thankfully, due to Rory being proper companion in series 6... Amy's more bearable. But seriously...

Especially since it's not just the new cast change... but almost all the crews. Many of the writers are still the same lot. But you can see series 5 had a bit of choking there before running back smooth. Among the few people I get to know in the fandom, do feel the same... so yeah, people notice. And occasionally minor details were noticed and.... Moffat~~~ /waves fist jokingly~

While we can't really blame him for the plot holes completely, he wasn't entirely scot-free. So, enough of that defense. XD

Karen said it best.

"...he oversees all the scripts, even the ones he hasn’t written, and makes little suggestions and puts little bits in."

So yes, if there was any inconsistencies... the showrunner would either give approval or add in or adjust the script. Deng~ Even then, I don't really bothered to hold grudges on Steven. As long as he no longer brings out the Angels. The angels' inconsistencies are annoying. -__-

Though, despite I wasn't really impressed with Series 5 and revived my faith on Series 6, Series 7 looked promising. Yet I hoped he wouldn't keep using the similar plot he been using so far. Particularly the "Doctor meets the child version of his companions before travelling with them properly when they grew up." It's over used, by now.

I mean, yes. Ten did meet at least 2 of his companions (Rose & Martha) before they met him but when that happened the Doctor already knew them as he went back in time to see them. There's an explanation to that. But when Eleven crashed into Amy's backyard that was purely by chance. Same as River, since before River revealed to him the writing on his old cradle; he didn't know the baby he saved aka Amy and Rory's was actually River. They. Are. All. Coincidences! And now Clara as well...

...no, Oswin Oswald and Clara Oswin Oswald may be the past incarnations of the current Clara (obviously she'll keep the same name) it wasn't THE Clara that will end up travelling worlds with the Doctor in the TARDIS. And this Clara... by chance as well, ended up meeting the Doctor unawares of the connection they had and will share and started a conversation that is DEEP. Tell me if that's not cliche'd. Yeah... I love the reveal and it's briliantly done to aid the anticipation for the new episodes. But's it's just... oh.

And I hoped Clara's proper intro for the 3rd retry to be different than what development Amy and River had so far. Shucks. I'd still be anticipating great stuff. Woo hoo~~~


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