Title: Incredible
Series: 태양의 후예 / Descendants of the Sun
Characters: Lee Chihun, Jang Huieun, Pyo Jisu, mentions of Kang Moyeon, Yoo Sijin
Summary: He always thought of them to be amazing people.


"Dr. Kang was really amazing. If I'm in that same place... I wouldn't know if I could stay calm and be able to do my job well."

Jang Huieun, his beloved wife who was sitting beside him, turned her head towards him. "What're you talking about... Chihun?"

He glanced back to her. "I mean... Captain Yoo almost died today. But Dr. Kang still tried her best to save him. I was helping her at her side but... I have to admit that several times I felt paralysed. When I thought we wouldn't be able to save him. If that kind of situation would happen to me, and I was to be the lead doctor... I don't think I could do it. Like what if something happened to you, and I'm the only doctor around? I'd be too afraid of failure to risk such things. Like what if something went wrong?"

Huieun slapped him on the shoulder. "Don't say things like that! Do you really want something like that to actually happen? And why won't Dr. Kang tried her best to save Captain Yoo? He's her important person after all! And it should be the same for any other patients that come our way! Don't you believe in your own ability?"

"I don't mean to say it like that! I mean, operating on a patient and trying your best to save them was what every doctor strives to do, but you know that we don't always get to save everyone. Sometimes, we failed to save them but that should be expected. I know that, but wouldn't it be worse if it was someone we knew.... and then failed to save? Wouldn't you be scared to do anything in case something goes wrong?"

"You shouldn't look down on yourself so soon. Who know maybe you'd be able to do the same thing as what Moyeon did, once you gained much more experience and skill as a doctor. Oh, and confidence too!"

Chihun turned to face Dr. Pyo Jisu, who was seated opposite to him. "You might think you could not do it now, with your current skills... but who knows if you could do it in the future? Don't put yourself down too early. Have some confidence! You're still so young after all," she added, as Huieun nudged him in agreement.

"I guess, I still had a lot to learn..." Chihun started to say before sighing again. "But honestly, Dr. Kang was so brave."

Jisu made a face at him. "Hah... I would have preferred if Moyeon doesn't have to be so brave like that. Why on earth must that girl fall in love with a soldier of all things?"

Huieun nudged the older woman on the side. "Eh? I thought you weren't against Dr. Kang having a soldier boyfriend? You kept teasing her about it all the time..."

Jisu rolled her eyes at Huieun as Chihun watched the two arguing between themselves. "Yeah... but that's before that guy arrived into the ER and almost dying! What did that guy do to my Moyeon? Because of him, Moyeon gets all jittery today and talked nonsense about serving the country and what-not. I was worried about her wellbeing, but she was only thinking about the guy! Was he that important to her? Why did Moyeon like him so much? How could she stand to date a guy whose job might cost him his own life?"

Chihun took a sip from his now-cold cup of coffee. 

"I find the two of them to be a good match. At first glance, they might appear to be incompatible. But they really worked well together." Chihun glanced back towards them, before grinning. The two women stared back at him, puzzled.

He let out a chuckle before something crossed his mind. It was something he remembered from back during the time when they were still in Uruk. A conversation that he happened to hear in passing, between Dr. Kang and Captain Yoo. It was not exactly an accident though. He was trying to avoid being seen by Kang Minjae, and ended up tending to the patients in the Medicube area where Captain Yoo was in.



Chihun looked up from his patient, before turning towards the direction of the voices. He could see Dr. Kang silently tending to Captain Yoo's injuries as the latter kept making small noises towards her.

"Are you hurting me on purpose? Are you only good at surgeries?"

Chihun had to control himself as to try to not laugh out loud. Captain Yoo sounded like a child—instead of a seasoned special force soldier that he was. He turned his attention back to the patient he was tending as he secured the sling supporting the man's arm. He gave the patient a weak smile before excusing himself to leave.

"Is this a joke to you? You almost died."

He paused before turning back towards the two. They seemed to not be aware of their surroundings as Dr. Kang and Captain Yoo locked eyes with each other. Did Captain Yoo said something earlier? He thought he heard something... but he wasn't paying attention.

"I said it hurt a lot."

"I was so scared. That you might have died."

Suddenly feeling self-conscious, Chihun shook his head hastily as he went to check on his next patient. As he proceeded with the basic checkups, he recalled how grim Dr. Kang looked what they brought Captain Yoo in. The man had walked into the Medicube by himself; no longer insisting for himself to be brought in with the stretcher, showing that he really didn't need it in the first place.

He assumed that Captain Yoo didn't get hurt when he was trapped in the ruin earlier. But he thought wrong. When he watch Dr. Kang take off the shirt from the captain, he saw the many bruises that have started to darken. Some of it looked as if was sustained prior to him being inside the ruins. There was also a big gash at the back of Captain Yoo's right shoulder that has already been treated, but Dr. Kang didn't look surprised at seeing that. She must've been aware that Captain Yoo has been continuing with the rescue operation despite already sustaining some injuries on himself.

Chihun stole another glance towards the couple. Looking at Dr. Kang right now, he could see why she would be angry. Captain Yoo was lucky that his injuries were not really fatal. He turned back to his patient as he noticed that one of the bandages came loose. He started pulling out some fresh ones to replace it.

"I went in there because I trusted you. You wouldn't have let me die."

His hands stopped abruptly. Dr. Kang started to ask another question as Chihun strained his ears to hear them.

"I'm a thorough man. I make sure I stay alive under all circumstances.


"I went in there because I trusted you. You wouldn't have let me die."

Chihun glanced back up towards the two women again before chuckling.

"Really! I don't think that Dr. Kang or Captain Yoo were being reckless when they decided to be together. I believe that they really thought long and hard about it before deciding to start a relationship. They really do work well together in a crisis."

He smiled weakly. "The two of them... did seem to have great faiths towards each other." Chihun shrugged at Jisu and his wife. "They're really incredible, isn't it?"

Jisu laughed. "It looks like Chihun here was really taken with our favourite soldier now!" She shrugged, "Well, I don't know that guy really well now... but I have to agree with you that Moyeon was truly an incredible person."

Huieun giggled at them. "I have no objections on that!"


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