Title: Surprise Party - Omake
Series: Ultraman Orb
Characters: Kurenai Gai, Jugglus Juggler, Yumeno Naomi, Yumeno Keiko
Summary: Awkward wake up moments is awkward.


When he opened his eyes, he knew right away that something's not right. What's this... this warm feeling? When Juggler turned his head to one side, he saw something that didn't make any sense.

Why was... Gai sleeping beside him?

He frowned, before turning his head towards the ceiling. Now that he thought about it, this place seemed familiar. Juggler tried to move his arms and realised that one of them seemed stuck over something. He turned his head back towards the sleeping Gai... and ran his eyes downwards...

Why was Gai holding his arms around his so tightly? He frowned, before drawing his glance upwards again.

But then he was staring face to face towards a now awake Kurenai Gai and he tried to roll himself away from the bloke and that's when everything else started crashing down on him!

"Aah! My head hurts!" he moaned. His head was spinning as if he'd just got his head out of the eye of a tornado.

Juggler felt someone nudging him around, and guiding him towards a table just at the corner of the room. He turned to see who was it that was helping him only to find that it was still, just Gai.

"What's with you suddenly? Why're you being so nice?" he asked warily, as Gai started acting all chummy. As if it's just natural for him to do this for an old friend.

"Don't fuss too much over unnecessary things... here, have some soup. It should clear your head a bit,"

Juggler turned his head to his other side to see Naomi's mother smiling back at him.  For some reason, he found that Yumeno Keiko treating him as if he was her long lost son made more sense than Gai being nice to him.

He looked down towards the bowl of soup in front of him and started to have a spoonful of it. Juggler started to smile. Ah... it's true, his head started to clear a bit after he drank the soup. He started to sip some more of it before started being aware of Gai staring at him again.

He started to scoot closer towards Keiko as Juggler glared towards Gai.


"Come visit again if you can..."

Juggler awkwardly returned the hug as he pulled away from Keiko. "Err, well... see you later!"

"Happy new year!" Naomi called out as he hastily returned the greet.

He was able to walk away a bit faster the more he was further away from the residential area. But then he noticed that he still had a tail that wouldn't give up following him no matter how hard he tried to shake it off! Juggler turned around.

"What is it again!" he cried as Gai walked up to him. "How many times do I have to say no till you get that I'm telling you no?"

"I made up my mind, again. Let's have a new start between us. Can we?"

"What're you high on, Gai? How do think we could ever be able to work things together again? After all these times?"

"We could still try! Nothing's impossible... and I wanted to make it up for you. Can I?"

"Make it up—what're you even talking about?" Juggler frowned as he stared towards Gai's face before sighing. "Fine... I don't have the strength to brush you off already at this time of the day."

"Great!" Gai exclaimed before dragging him again towards another far off destination...



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