Title: Fine
Series: Ultraman Orb, The Origin Saga
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Micott
Summary: Origin-verse. Because she said so, he wanted to believe in it.
A/N: Originally wrote this from Micott's POV, but then decided to change it to Juggy's.



He thought he was imagining hearing it again as he cut down another Bezelb minion. That girl's voice, who started calling him as her 'master' despite the fact he hasn't even agreed to take her as an apprentice. Was she going to make this a habit of hers—?


Her voice sounded even clearer now as Juggler turned around. True enough, from the corners where he last saw the two ran off to... they appeared. Micott was running ahead of the other two, and he saw Ricca with an older man by her side.

"It's because of you, we managed to find the Captain—!"

That silly girl looked so happy that he couldn't help smiling despite himself—but then his ears heard a shrill cry of a Bezelb. Juggler glanced up as he saw it; it was heading towards Micott! He turned his glance back down to see Micott not moving. At this rate, she would definitely be hit—!

Before he knew it, he was running with all his might towards her. And just as he thought he wouldn't reach Micott in time, he caught her by the shoulders...


It felt as if the reality around him started to twist in a strange way. It felt weird.

It seemed as if the sounds around him suddenly disappeared, but the sounds were still present. There was a sensation as the sharp claw penetrated his back; yet either from shock or surprise, it felt surreal. If not because of the horrified look Micott was wearing—the Bezelb started driving the claw even deeper and now the pain finally registered!

He thought the creature would start pulling its claw back out, but his whole body was being pinned to the creature. What the hell—!

"L-let... m-me go!"

He was being lifted... and was he imagining it? Something... was forcing itself into him! Juggler tried to fight off the creature that's taking him away before he started falling...


"Everyone! Get on to the Suzaark!"

He couldn't even remember how he got himself back to the ship. Everything around him seemed hazy, and the whole place starting to breaking apart around him. There were also a lot of hands pushing him forward he couldn't even tell who—the ship started to shake again as Juggler felt someone grabbing onto his arm.

He could barely cry out an alarm before Micott's smiling face greeted him.

"Don't push yourself too hard," she said as Juggler frowned. How could this girl still act like this to him after—he couldn't remember what happened during the time he blacked out and being controlled by the Bezelb, but he remembered how Ricca had looked at him warily and how Micott seemed to have been hurt badly. So back then, he must have...

"It's not your fault..."

Juggler shook his head and stared at her again. Did Micott somehow... read his mind?

"Didn't that hurt?"

Juggler gave her a blank look before staring down at the palm of his left hand. Micott sighed, pulling him towards a corner to sit before carefully untying his wrist guard. Somehow, the way Micott just went on to doing whatever she wanted with him was intriguing. He took a closer look at his hand. He remembered trying to cut himself trying to clear his head but it failed. The thing that forced itself into him managed to take over him regardless and he fell into the darkness.

"Don't worry about that..." he started to say, trying to pull his arm away.

Micott held his arm tightly in response. "No, you must get this treated. To a swordsman, his hand is his most valuable asset. You can't ignore your own injuries!" Without waiting for a response, Micott started taking out her personal med kit.

Juggler sighed. Why on earth does this girl care too much about him? Instead of himself, she should have taken care of her own injuries.

"I'm... sorry. But aren't you hurt as well?"

Micott smiled before looking up straight back at him. "I'm fine. I suppose I'd find some bruise here and there when I check later, but that's okay. It's a small price to pay in order to prevent you from hurting anyone else. I know that you'd hate it if something bad really happened to Ricca or anyone else because of something that you could not prevent. At least right now, no one was really badly hurt."

"Still..." Juggler started to say before the ship started to shake again.

Micott glanced up after packing her things and pulled him upright to his feet. "Let's head to the cockpit now, it looks like we might have a bit of a bumpy ride..."


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