Title: Fine
Series: Ultraman Orb, The Origin Saga
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Micott
Summary: Origin-verse. Because she said so, he wanted to believe in it.


Somehow, an icy cold feeling started to take root inside his heart. It wasn't exactly a specific thought, but it was a feeling that he couldn't quite shake off from engulfing his heart. It wasn't as if he was still bitter for not being chosen by the light—or was he?—it wasn't as if he wanted to question that end result. But day after day he started questioning himself.

The message that came out from OrbCalibur before did say that both of them still have their purpose. Not just Gai... but himself too. Yet now... he couldn't help thinking that all of the things that he remembered about that Ultra message was an illusion he made up. Does Gai... even needed him now?

"Support? Am I even that now to that guy?"


Suddenly she was glad that Ricca had gone back to the cockpit to assist Captain Shinra. That girl could be so clueless, despite knowing that she had a crush on the man. You'd think that as a fellow woman Ricca could be a bit less dense, ah well, guess Ricca was still young. Anyway...

Micott turned around to see Juggler sitting on the nearby bench, looking dejected. She sighed. She had been wondering for a while now, until what point would the man be able to keep himself together before starting to break apart. She's been eyeing him for a while now... ever since the duo appeared inside their ship. The other one, Gai... who was able to become a giant warrior of light; was a seemingly positive person from the outside. And appeared to be quite carefree. Unlike that Gai, Juggler was much more reserved and serious. Even when he outwardly acted as if he didn't care about his friend, she could see that Juggler was, in fact, quite the opposite.

She could see for so many times how much Juggler had worried for his friend. But because Juggler rarely showed his emotions openly, she kept wondering about the things that he kept to himself.

Yet somehow, now looked to be that kind of moment for her to find out. She knelt in front of him.

"Master... what're you talking about?"

Juggler glanced up to her, before looking away. "It's... nothing for you to worry about. And stop calling me 'Master'! I didn't say that I agreed to teach you about my sword style!"

Micott snorted. "Even if you say so... Master, I did learn some new things from you,"

Juggler started to fume at her again, before sighing and averting his eyes from her.

"Why are you like this?" Micott cocked her head towards him before he continued. "Don't you blame me? Because of me, your captain used that important seed that could have been used to protect your queen. If I haven't gotten myself controlled by that Bezelb earlier..."

She frowned. "What're you talking about, Master? Was it because of the things Gai said earlier? Why are you blaming yourself now?" Micott inched closer towards him before putting her hands on his shoulders. "If it wasn't you, that Bezelb would have targetted me. Psychii had planned to have Captain Shinra use that seed regardless so that the captain couldn't stop whatever it was he's planning to do in Kanon. Any one of us could have been a target. If you hadn't done what you did, the one who would be wallowing in guilt right now could have easily been me. Or Ricca."

It was something that was bothering her for a while anyway. Because it was the truth. If Master Juggler didn't come to her rescue, she would have been the one right now feeling burdened. And she was supposed to be one of the swordswomen in charge of the queen's safety. How could she... become a reason for the queen to be endangered?

Juggler gave her a weak smile, yet his facial expression didn't change slightly. Micott shrugged.

"I've been meaning to do this earlier... I wanted to say thank you. For saving me from that Bezelb. While risking your own life in return."

The man looked up at her before shaking his head. "I didn't do it to make you feel indebted to me. I did it because—"

"I know. I'm just saying... that you also did something worth praising. It might not be as great as what Asuka... or Gai could do as a warrior of light, but it doesn't make it any less important. Do those things even matter anyway?"

Micott gave him a nudge. "Cheer up, Master."


He tried to smile, but couldn't find it in his heart to do it. And then Micott did the unexpected. She leant over and embraced him tightly. Even then, it didn't feel unwelcome. This comforting gesture.

"It'll be fine. Somehow... I'm sure we'll find a way to overcome everything. We'll stop Psychii for sure. You, me... everyone. Everything will be fine."

Juggler thought of the darkness he started feeling ever since he had been freed from the Bezelb's puppetry. He hasn't told anyone how scared he'd felt about it, yet right now...

He really wanted to believe in Micott's words.

"Everything will be fine."



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