Title: Fine
Series: Ultraman Orb, The Origin Saga
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Micott, Shinra
Summary: Origin-verse. Because she said so, he wanted to believe in it.


"Everything will be fine."

"Stop! Micott!"

It was like one of those nightmares that he used to have once in a while. And it was one of those moments that he wished that a nightmare was just a nightmare. Because... if it was only a nightmare—a bad dream—he could just will himself to wake up and all will be fine.

But this... is not a dream!


As he felt the Suzaark making its landing, he turned to see Micott and Ricca scrambling to gather their ammunition. He snorted as he saw Micott carrying a large blaster.

"I couldn't imagine seeing you fight using that! I thought you mostly fight with your swords..."

Micott grinned back at him. "You'd be surprised at how well I could use this. Besides, not all of those Bezelbs were small like the ones we fought before. It'd be hard to take on all of them with just the swords in our hands..."

Juggler laughed. "You think? I won't let that stop me. I'll show you what I can do to those monsters with my blade. Regardless of how big or small they were!"

She smiled again. "Very well. Show me all you've got then... Master!"

"I sure will..."


He couldn't even remember how he got himself down from the ledge. All that he knew was him rushing over to recover his sword... and attacked the Bezelb that tried to approach Ricca from behind. Even as he landed on the ground, he could hear Shinra's approach from behind him as the man finished off the creature.

Juggler turned around as he stared at Ricca's form, cradling the now lifeless Micott. Even as he continued staring at them, the image in front of him remained the same. This... can't be happening!

"That's a great technique! What kind of sword style was it?"

How could this be really be happening? This... couldn't possibly be real. Micott... she can't be...!

"Tell me what was it?"

He could still remember how her voice had resounded in his mind. How lively she had smiled, how warm her presence had been near him. He could still remember the first few conversation he had with her from a few days ago as if it had happened minutes before—so what was this scene in front of him? Juggler barely even sensed the approach of the Bezelb, but even before it cried out his body had already moved. His sword found its prey even when he couldn't see clearly in front of him—his only thoughts were to cut down every single Bezelb that crossed his path.

"Now, now... let's hurry up! Master!"

He continued chasing after the smaller Bezelbs as he delivered his attack. Not wanting to waste any movements, he wanted every Bezelb to taste the sharpness of his blade and every blows he could give them. Even when he was fighting them three against one, he kept attacking. Even when so many others kept coming!

And along with each thrust he made, Juggler kept recalling every single memory he had of her, every conversation.

What was this thing he was feeling? It hurt so much! It was so heavy... and painful—he wanted all those Bezelbs to taste the same pain he was feeling! He wanted all of them to disappear! How could all these abominations get to live when Micott had to—!

He started to recall more memories of the past. And the old conversation he had with Gai came to mind. Of his idealistic view of the world, of how Gai thought the justice of the universe was supposed to be. What good was that? It was all rubbish!

Power! He never thought he would want it so much like now. If only he had enough power! If only he had been strong enough to protect what was important to him. If only he wasn't so weak!

Micott wouldn't have died!

He paused, before noticing the many fallen Bezelbs lying around him. So many dead... yet no amount of the dead bodies could bring her back to life. And the great hole inside his heart right now could never be healed.

Juggler screamed.


He looked up. The tree... despite everything, was still standing so mightily. Even when it was the cause for every misery felt on this very day. A cursed thing. This tree that Psychi and the Bezelb were after—what they wanted so much... that they would not care about the lives of any other living beings that stood before them.

"Was this Tree of Life your treasure...?"

It was a necessary existence to this world, Shinra explained. Its existence supported the hearts and minds of the people of this planet. Yet to him...

"To me... that tree was like a demon."

It was all because of this tree. Because of this tree... Psychi and those wretched monsters came here to take it. If only this tree didn't exist!

If only this tree didn't exist... if this battle did not happen, Micott would still be...!

If that tree ceased to exist, this foolish fight would have definitely be stopped. There would not be any reason for this planet, its people... the queen that Micott sought to protect with her life—to be in danger anymore!

Juggler took up his ready position. This new power was still unfamiliar, but he should be able to use it. It shouldn't be impossible for him to achieve what he wanted to do...

"Wait! What're you trying to do!"

Juggler turned to face Shinra. "If that tree was gone, this fight would end. There would be no more sacrifice! As long as this fight ended, your queen would be protected!" he said before proceeding to jump towards the tree.

He would end it all. He would cut down that tree. Everything should be fine then!

Everything... should be fine!

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