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Throne [2/?]

Title: Throne
Series: 화랑/Hwarang - The Poet Warrior Youth
Characters: Sammaekjong/Kim Jidwi, Mumyeong/Kim Seonu, Kim Wehwa
Summary: The fight for the throne of Silla turned out not to be as simple as he thought it would be.


"What if... I eliminate those trying to kill you?"

His heart tend to be faster than his thoughts, and sometimes he surprised himself as well. Why did he say that, last night? But then, the more he kept thinking along that line of thought... he started to come to the answer. It should explain why... for a while now, he kept hesitating about killing Jidwi after finally becoming sure that he was indeed King Jinheung.

In the end, Jidwi wasn't the one truly at fault for Makmoon's death. Sure, Makmoon was killed because he saw Jidwi's face. Thus the Queen ordered for him to be killed. But why would she do that? Certainly to protect her own son. He'd do the same too, if anything would try to harm Aro. Though perhaps, not to that extremity.

All these times he was in Hwarangdo, he saw enough of how far the Queen would do in order to keep her son safe. But that also brings him to another question. Who... was it that threatens Jidwi's life?

When he started thinking about it, it made sense. It fitted with the many other things that happened to him when everyone had thought that he was Jinheung. When the rumours that the king was hiding in Hwarangdo started to spread. Assassins tried to kill him, Hanseong died in his place for the same reason... and there was that plot to get them killed when they were escorting the princess's delegation to Baekje. If those occurrences was to be a mere hint of what danger Jidwi had always faced throughout his life, how could the Queen not went to the extremities just to protect her child?

Seonu shook his head in wonder.

To think that he almost acted in the same way as the Queen in order to protect the all-important king. If Jidwi didn't stop him... if he had been the same as his mother...

He recalled another exchange he had with Jidwi before he left the palace last night. Somehow that exchange pained his heart even more than how he had felt before...

"Seonu... before you leave, I wanted to ask you something."

"By this point, it was clear already that you're not Aro's real brother. But considering your circumstances before, does that mean... that friend of yours that the Commandant slew... was he—?"

He could not forget how devastated Jidwi had looked then. Even when he didn't give an answer to the question, it's already clear that Jidwi had started to figure out the answer for himself. As if Jidwi didn't already look as if he was suffering alone by himself.


That person still wanted to change Silla with him. That person still wanted him to be by his side! How could he... after all these times, to still want him as an ally? Enough that Jidwi would risk his own life to get him to trust him? What if, he had actually hurt Jidwi?

"Ever since I was born, I never had any friends. And now, I think you're my only friend. I like you a lot..."

"Even if I am the king, can't we still be friends?"

"I wanted to change Silla with you..."

What kind of an ill-fated relationship did he have with Jidwi? Not just as someone who loved the very same woman... but also as someone who also shared the same Sacred Bone bloodline.

He looked up to realise that the sun had already come out and that he had unconsciously sauntered towards Master Ahnji's home. Just as he thought of running over to the place, he saw two figures walking out of the compound in secret.

It was Paoh and Aro.

"Leave Aro to me. There's no doubt that Park Youngshil would try to use her to get to you. Whatever happens after this, I need you to trust me. No matter what was the result that comes."

Seonu sighed. Starting now until a few days more, he would have to have to get busy. There's a lot of things that he needed to do.


"What are you planning to do?"

He turned back towards the older man, as Seonu braced himself for what was to come. Jidwi had warned him to not be too eager to reveal his true intentions to Wehwa. As much as the young king had trusted their teacher, there's no telling if Park Youngshil hadn't sent anyone to watch them. So he had to be discreet.

And he had to agree with Jidwi, seeing how his meeting earlier with Park Youngshil turned out. Park Youngshil would have still be suspicious of him for the sudden change of attitude.

Seonu shrugged as he turned his attention back to Wehwa. The old man stared at him warily. Well, it was expected. Even if he could openly say that he's now aiming to support Jidwi and not pursuing the throne any longer, there's no guarantee that their teacher would trust him.  It was expected that Chief Kim would be cautious of him.

"What kind of a king are you wishing for?"

He almost let out a surprised cry. He didn't really have high hopes that the old teacher would ask him that question again after hearing his answers last time. But Jidwi insisted that Wehwa would raise the same question again. And how he should answer that question, should be enough to gain their teacher's trust. And Jidwi was right.

Last time, the old man had given him a disapproving look for the answer that he gave. But this time it was different. This time, Seonu was prepared. This time, he had a better answer.

An answer given by the rightful king.