Episode 11

For a sec I almost thought that maybe Yeonho/Jaeyi would also get the same realization (somewhat) as Gwangho did, aka Gwangho was the one looking for her but alas... his voice was overlapped with the others as they called for her.

Ehehe~ I truly love Gwangho's post reaction after knowing his daughter was so near all these times. Yet my heart breaks as he blamed himself for (almost) let his daughter die. So much, that he would just be content of knowing the fact by himself and not letting Jaeyi know. Though, I feel like... a part of Jaeyi had also drawn to Gwangho as someone that she knew would always protect her. Like... when she was so overwhelmed by the memories of her assault, it's THEN when she remembered the memory of Gwangho coming to her rescue and she start to snap back and saw Sunjae in front of her. Like she maybe seemed like brushing him off when he's overly concerned but I believe there's something more. And I feel like the reason Jaeyi started being able to recall her old memories was because of Gwangho. Not because of her trauma.

That aside... I called it already. Once knowing that Jaeyi is his daughter, Gwangho would definitely set the bar even higher for anyone to even 'consider' dating her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It's what daddies do XD I'm laughing at him trying to tell off Sunjae from getting too close to Yeonho. Yet, a part of me felt like Sunjae was trying to get Gwangho to tell Jaeyi the truth since he told him earlier that he won't tell her. Awww.... baby Sunjae worry about fav uncle so much wwww I feel like the reason he went crazy at JHY was not just cos he attacked Jaeyi and all the pent up stress for chasing him all these times and thinking he murdered his mother... but also the fact JHY attacked Uncle Gwangho's daughter. The kid did seemed to rekindled his love for Uncle Gwangho after all~

Also, I love the fact that Gwangho was able to figure out that JHY wasn't really the true killer for the 30 yo case solely on his lack of knowledge of the dots as well as from his eyes. I guess, that's experience on the field for you. No lie detector can beat a human's sense of judgement. And he could have nailed it there... like he was so close...! There's finally a witness! This time still alive! He could have been able to get to the truth--! Alas, Coroner Mok.

Also there's something amiss about the mentions on Jaeyi's adopted parents. Hope the next few eps cleared this out. What you mean 'they weren't nice'? Was it cos they killed themselves? Or were they involved in something bad to end up being burned to death? Were they... abusive?

Preview shows that Gwangho would start investigating Mok, and we may get to finally see what the younger Gwangho been doing. Hopely that also meant that Gwangho start to suspect Mok. It did looked like it after all. It can't be good for the team if their suspect could still be one step ahead of them. And Mok did seemed cocky, considering the statutes were already passed.

Episode 12

So... Mok used JHY's past trauma to get him to kill himself. Pretty daring... and reckless, I'd say. Since he should know that his meeting at the prison would be recorded and anything happened to Hoyoung could be traced back to him as suspect. But hey... because of that Hoyoung figured out that he's the real killer. Yet... I wonder if his suicide was a retaliation towards Mok's taunting... or because he reached his limits of having to face his old trauma of being locked up again and gave up. But still, I wonder if despite it all... Hoyoung also considered Gwangho as his light. Like... prior to finding out that Gwangho was the same cop that questioned him, he was horrified... yet after finding out the killer's identity he's somewhat delighted at the fact that Gwangho was around. Like him taunting Mok back over the likelihood of each other finding out the real identity soon. It's an ironic twist... the relationship between Gwangho and Hoyoung. It really is...

And I guess Mok didn't manage to timeslip... and I guess reason for the killing to stop was because he's lying low. And maybe also because of the timely 'accident' of the old station or maybe he DID started the fire himself... Mok decided to end it there and then. Since the records are lost already so there's no reason for him to draw more attention to the case again. And I guess because he wasn't aware that the tunnel was anything else other than an old tunnel, he probably won't consider a time slip incident. Also, he probably won't think that Gwangho was the same cop that he thought he'd killed.

That aside, I have to say Gwangho's instinct was going too strong in this episode. Like even when he barely caught sight of the pen, or not being able to recognise Mok yet trusting his instincts to not trust Mok completely... he was in his elements to prevent Mok from having too much advantage of knowing more about the case. Or what data the cops had. Like yeah... the records were lost but to Gwangho, the case wasn't that long ago in his memories... so he's able to rehash most of the investigation data, since he's part of the senior officers involved in the case. Hope that Gwangho DID point out Mok is a possible suspect as well during the meeting. Because aside from the policemen, he's the only other person who'd know inside info... yet due to Sunjae's bias he didn't consider the possibility.

And I was wondering yesterday on when they'd tell Sungshik about Kwangho. And lol at his reaction, and Gwangho trying his best to not get Yeonho get too deep into danger. So hard to fight the fatherly instincts and police instincts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Yeonho finally finding out about Gwangho... just as Gwangho finally pieced things together about Mok. So I guess the younger Gwangho stumbled into the old case by accident. Wonder who was the old guy that Mok killed? Could it be possible that the old guy was that one that was mentioned by the other Noel that may have given Mok an idea to mark his kills. Or was the old guy related to the victims?

And Gwangho ended up back into the past. Wonder if this was what actually happened? Suppose the tunnel's magnetic properties were always there, and had always connected to past, present future... yet it don't usually transport people/things around. Yet... it's triggered by strong emotions? Like before, I did find it peculiar that Yeonsuk could somewhat hear Gwangho's voice despite being in that same tunnel on the same date yet on a different year. Perhap's it's due to the tunnel? It happened again after he timeslipped and he could hear Mok screaming for him yet Mok wasn't exactly in the same plane of time as him. Cos somehow now I notice a similarity. What other thing that happened right before Gwangho timeslipped. BOTH instances had him be almost on the verge of death. Both instances had him almost died. Could that be a reason? Ahh... I dread to see how Sungshik would feel again the moment he noticed that Gwangho went missing again. He did went frantic the last time, and warned Gwangho to not disappear without warning again...


I wonder what'll happen now, with Gwangho back into the past again. Since he can't act rashly... and he would need to hide himself. 30 years... dude. But suppose, there IS something he could do. If he managed to return on the right time. Like if the old station hadn't gone on fire yet, he could try get the records of the case... as well as the documentations about him, to a safe place. THAT could have been reason why there WAS no records of him available. Since it can't possibly all destroyed without trace. Gwangho's info as well as Yeonsuk's. It's not like they're immigrants. And yes... if he could remember when Yeonsuk's accident happened (he might have even returned on the year the accident would have happened), he might be able to save her. And maybe, lay hidden with her until the time right, aka... made it seemed that she died. Yeonsuk might have been critically wounded also... so he may have to choose between staying with her and go back for Yeonho.

And there was this possibility that I've always considered and brush away due to the unlikelihood of it happening. What if... Prof Hong IS Yeonsuk? I've always wondered why she resembled Yeonsuk a lot anyway. And any other difference to her face would have been because of the accident. The flashback during her and Yeonho's first meeting also did seemed odd. Like why have she been looking for a Korean girl at that time? And that last convo about telling Jaeyi to try look for her mother... it felt MORE like pieces of puzzles coming together to form a greater picture! Meanwhile, all these years... Gwangho could have been going around gathering evidences. Now that he knew who the killer is. He'll definitely try to get him to justice, no matter how long it would take.

Jaeyi meanwhile... I trust she should be able to carry on the investigation in Gwangho's place. She did appear to be as smart and insightful as her father. Can't wait to see how the next episode would unravel!

Episode 13

I started feeling as if the tunnel only ever responded to Gwangho whenever he had very strong feelings of catching his suspects while being inside of the tunnel. Because so far, it doesn't look like other people or even Mok was able to time slip the way he did. On the other hand, it's a good thing for him to be able to get back to see Yeonsuk even if it's for a short time. But since the time seemed to moved parallel to the present and Gwangho only could travel back and forth in exactly 30 years apart, it doesn't seemed possible yet if he could've changed Yeonsuk's fate. For now. And I guess he can't exactly tell her of what happened in the future, nor of Yeongja's eventual fate 30 years later.

But I guess the fact that Gwangho was able to meet Yeongja was good I guess. Though I'm not really sure if Gwangho had met het first to get her statement before finding the younger Jinwoo. Or maybe he did, and might have lead Yeongja be put in some witness protection programme or smth since she did end up changing her name etc. I guess the plot was still on Gwangho trying to save his daughter from another killer again since Mok's still on the bad habit of sneaking up on people again. (He seemed pathetic now, compared to when we don't know his true identity). I wonder if the fountain pen was with Gwangho when he came back... or not, or if it was left behind... would it be possible to retrieve it? Or would Yeonsuk have passed it to Reporter Oh... which could have been why Gwangho was fated to meet his son.

Episode 14

Aaaa.... this episode is intense. And I'm glad the show replayed the tunnel chase scene and made the whole Gwangho going back to the future a serious scene again. Cos I swear the way prev ep cliffhanger end, it made the scene weirdly funny. Like ep 13 started with him back in the past and then at the end, Gwangho slipped forward again.

Also... all the emotions. The father-daughter scenes... and mummy being left behind again. And Gwangho's frustrations for having had to break his words again to Yeonsuk to not disappear again. Yet perhaps the very fact that Yeonsuk now knew that Gwangho didn't die and his disappearance meant that he had timeslipped into the future perhaps had been the reason that she was able to stay cheerful during the time she had lived with her daughter. That said, as much as I tried not to have high hopes about it... I wished that Gwangho managed to save Yeonsuk during her accident. Either the tunnel allowed him to decide what year Gwangho should be able to go back in time, or Gwangho had to spend 4-5 years in the present to try getting back to the specific year to save her.

That aside, I love all the awkward scenes with dad Gwangho. Like when the remaining two on the team finally was let in on the secret, and their disbelief that Dad Gwangho was actually someone from the past. And funny how Gwangho kept repeating on why Yeonho was so stubborn and had to be told twice to get him to register like... oh yea, she got that attitude from daddy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Love how Sunjae gets intimidated by Gwangho and trying so hard to get on his good book again. Which gonna be so hard with dad being so overprotective of his baby. So cute. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Even Yeonho finding daddy charming www Sigh. I wish Sunjae had placed that chess piece in the station's toilet or just threw into some trash bin, but hey... this is no comedy show.

The preview hinted that we'll finally see what was Mok's motivation for killing so many and why he called his victims being 'sinful'. Cos there must be more reasoning other that the ladies having stayed out too late. Or perhaps he assumed staying out too late had some connection to doing 'bad' things... with relations to whatever was it that happened to Mok's mum.

Episode 15

Ahahahaha.... young Mok Jinwoo reads Gaksital comics ahhahahahah. That was so random lol. But I guess, you'd need a righteous character for Mok to imprint on in his act of 'justified' murders.

Somewhat glad that the episode didn't waste much time to explain why/how he managed to kidnapped Yeonho without her causing a fuss that would have attracted anyone's attention. After all, it happen when there's still light. He could have pretended to claim that Yeonho might have passed out in the car and that he's taking her to a hospital if there's anyone seeing him carry her away. And he looked like a 'nice' guy and normally people wouldn't have suspected anything bad.

This show is bad for the heart. I barely breathe as I watched everyone scrambling to find any hints of Mok. And then I exclaimed gratitude to heavens as the nail punctured his car's tyre. It's like the supernatural being that made the tunnel send Gwangho back and forth in time as well as all the fated meetings that happened to Gwangho was also trying to give him yet another help. I'm also glad on how they elaborate further on how the younger Gwangho started suspecting Mok. Mok must have been reliving his kills similar to when Gwangho caught him 30 years earlier. Yeonho was right on point about him enjoying his kills. He might have deluded himself that he was just exacting righteous punishment like his hero, but he's just enjoying taking lives. At least Hoyoung was much more honest in that expect.

So the trigger was; 1: Wear socks, 2. Wear skirts, 3. Being out late. Extra point if it's ALSO to meet a guy. He'll assume his victims to be 'sinful' and needs to be punished. Despite they might have been out cos they worked late. Or end up arriving towards home late because of traffic, or just to sneak out playing games. While there might have been been one or more of his victim that was actually in the similar circumstances as his mum... there's still victims like Sunjae's mum, Choonhee, Yeongja, that girl from the tunnel, etc who's only fault was to be caught by Mok at a bad timing. It's clear that he loved his mother greatly despite what happened thus her present of the fountain pen was very precious to him. Not just it's the critical evidence of his crimes but also it's his treasure. I had mused for a while that the mum's death would be the trigger that started his killing rampage.I supposed I guessed right.

Episode 16 aka Finale

For a moment I had feared that the series might not be able to wrap everything up nicely as well as provide a good end for Gwangho. Not to mention I started seeing some posts that seemed to imply that the series ended badly. Well, I'm glad it didn't turned out like that. At least for me, the end was good enough.

The last cliffhanger was yet another diversion. OCN did a good job at keeping people guessing at what would happen next without accidentally giving the plot away. As well as not ruining the suspense. I was worrying that Yeonho might really be killed this time, but I'm glad that it turned out ok. Like I saw a comment in previous episode exclaiming why no one was watching over Yeonho again to give easy kill to Mok, but turned out she/everyone haven't been too reckless/overconfident about things.

They managed to catch him redhanded. Through, even if they end up still having a hard time to get
Mok to even admit to his crimes later on, due to the attempted murder... even the commissioner wouldn't ignore the fact and deny the possibility that Mok is in fact guilty of something and let him out again. And the series did wrap things up well. Like making a distinction between what was different between Mok and Hoyoung. The difference between a sociopath and a psychopath. How they first thought that the mum would be Mok's weakness but turned out that his weakness is himself and his 'superhero' complex. I wished that Gwangho could have used the argument that Mok DID actually enjoy his acts of murders to contradict Mok's argument that he was not like any other killers that killed for fun. Ah well...

The conclusion scene where the team each went to meet the victims' families to personally tell them that the killer was finally caught was well written. Though I probably need to rewatch the episode again to see what was the thing about the old ppl funeral pics that Mok collected. And... the team gave the final respect to the younger Gwangho, who's initial accidental case he managed to stumble into... led to this point.

There's still some parts left unexplained or left vague, but I liked the fact that because of it, we viewers could try imagine what could have happened next. Like Gwangho said that even he himself was not sure what he would do if he's able to go back to the past. And the fact that part would be up to anyone's imagination is also great. Because then, everyone could imagine the best ending to their liking.

Also, I love the fact that the reason why the younger Gwangho had the same name as Gwangho was also explained at the end. That said, I still headcanon-ed that Gwangho did managed to change Yeonsook's fate. Somehow. The fact that the drama kept that uncertain also mean we could always imagine a better outcome aka Gwangho being able to change Yeonsuk's death etc.

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