Some old thing I managed to find in old memory...


Tutorial V.V. )


Meh... Since LJ atm being bleh, I'll just be posting on html mode. Unless I feel confident enough Rich Text Editor won't screw this post. Crossposting from DW ftw.

So well, I thought to start posting a tutorial kinda post on my Ankh arm. Eventhough I'm already halfway, and some of the pics I took kinda went MIA.



Tutorial for Making of Ankh arm for Kamen Rider OOO

Making Ankh arm prop XD )

I mostly posted the pics on Tumblr (scroll down to the older posts to see the Ankh pics) as the progress went, so feel free to look there. By now it's mostly done.

[Updated 25 Sept 2011]

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( Dec. 10th, 2010 02:46 pm)
 Hahaha... just so to confirm that I don't cakap kosong about taking Calintz out. Last touches...


The last two bit that had remained not done in the past are now done. And well... while I did say that the end tail will not be done--o shit lol I forgot the last thing XD never mind I do that tomorrow lol. The small last patten behind Calintz wasn't done. But hey~~~ I already made some hole on Calintz's pants lol. but no pics Hahahaha. If ever my tailor saw I finall complete this... she prolly gonna laugh. I remembered she commenting Calintz was so sexy XDXDXDXDXDXD
Been taking a break from writing... more because of a bit of flu caught from my 'kawaii imouto' who I sometimes refer as my 'Ainosuke' and the fact my mind are so blank these days.

Been catching up on stuffs.

Full Metal Alchemist

I feel nostalgic~ XD )

It was fun catching up~ And no... still hadn't bothered to watch Brotherhood. Not because of the seiyuu thing... but because I'm lazy like Roy. XDDD. And even if I still redoing my Roy and doing any other FMA character cosplays, it most certainly NOT because the series regaining popularity or any such shit. Screw those people who kinda spoils even the thrill of cosplay! Can't you even cosplay freely nowadays? Just because I happened to cosplay one of the main popular character, doesn't mean I'm following the mass who just suddenly wanna dive into the hobby because it MIGHT make them popular too. I actually liked Olivia as well from the very first time she appeared in the Briggs chapter XD


XD )


Writing is such an addiction.

Kamen Rider W 35

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And dad still obsessing over the machine. And my littlest niece is so cute! She got eeasily excited about Arashi and K8, can watch some cartoon or tv dramas so serious (I kid you not, she was very adorable in a serious kinda way), yet she always ran to me whenever a kaijuu appeared in any Ultraman episode. *^w^* Oh so cute~~~


Kamen Rider Decade 23 )

Shinkenger 20 and some extra thoughts )

Kamen Rider Decade 24 )

Wonder if I should just buy a new connector and pray it's the connector being wonky and not the monitor port. *sigh* And looping Mebius is starting to affect me. XD. Made me wanna make GUYS uniform as well. To think I also had been thinking the same thing about a certain GUTS/TAC uniforms. And the Space Garrison outfit! *_* But I guess muses like this would remain as muses, at least until I'm able to go learning how to make them myself.


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