Tumblr made me realize that Amy and Rory were just basically Steven's version of Rose and Jack for the eleventh Doctor. (As Rose and Jack had been for the Tenth/Ninth Doctor). That just made all the parallels between the two to be... not so surprising at all. 

This may be redundant in reference to last post. Will contain spoilers.

Amy Pond-Rose Tyler

Initial life prior to Doctor: (aka not so highly paid profession)
Rose: Was a shop assistant on a random shopping complex
Amy: Was a kissogram

Companion status:
Rose: First companion to Nine/Ten
Amy: First companion to Eleven

How they left the Doctor:
Rose: Tried to stop the Daleks (and Cybermen) by sending them to the void, trapped in the parallel world as a result, not able to hear the Doctor's last parting words before he lost contact spare him saying her name.
Amy: Tried to kill all the Weeping Angels by creating a paradox, end up sent/trapped in the past timeline, not have chance to give her last parting word with the Doctor spare her saying the Doctor's nickname.

Circumstances in their last episode
Rose: Narrated the beginning of her final episodes (Not counting Journey's End and End of Time)
Amy: Narrated the end of her final episode

Last meeting with the Doctor in the Doctor's timeline:
Rose: New year, 2005. A younger version of herself prior to meeting/adventures with Nine.
Amy: A younger/child version (7 yr old) of Amy, shortly after meeting Eleven, prior to her own adventures with him years later

Not to mention Amy is a more aggressive version of Rose. (Not sure how to word this)

Rory Williams-Jack Harkness 

Companion status:

Jack: First (proper) male companion of Nine. (Not counting Adam cos he forfeited that status and he never actually participate in the action aside from that one-off ride)
Rory: First male companion of Eleven

Multiple death and returning to life:
Jack: Exterminated by a Dalek, multiple death and coming back to life from his return to 20th century Earth onward, the uncountable death during his live burial underneath Cardiff, died by sacrificing his life energy to release the citizens of New(x15) New York 
Rory: Swallowed in the crack of time after being shot by a Silurian, killed in a dream, almost died due to a black mark curse, died of old age in the House's illusion in the TARDIS' corridor maze, died of old age at the WA-controlled Manhattan, killed self to create a time paradox, died of old age again.

Long span of life:
Jack: Due to being turned into a fixed point, he was able to live to a very long life. (Immortal Jack/Face of Boe)
Rory: Due to being recreated as an Auton, remained living and guarding the Pandorica for 2000 years (Auton Rory)

Multiple version of self existing in the same point in timeline: (at most 3 at the same time)
Jack: Jack during his normal timeline, during his run as a Time Agent, Jack during his time as the Doctor's companion/Immortal Jack/Face of Boe's timeline, the immortal Jack during his burial underneath Cardiff
Rory: Rory in his normal timeline before meeting the Doctor, Rory during his time with the Doctor, Rory as Auton, Rory after he was sent back in time by the Weeping Angels

Unable to say his last farewell
Jack: After coming back to life as a fixed point in time, Nine ran off with Rose in the TARDIS before he could catch up to them. (Not counting Last of the Time Lords, Journey's End and End of Time)
Rory: Taken by surprise by a surviving Weeping Angel and being sent back in time before he could say anything.

Final death being shown/mentioned on-screen
Jack: Face of Boe's death (Gridlock)
Rory: Died in the hotel room/his tombstone (Angels Take Manhattan)

Personality-wise... somehow it did some that occasionally Rory did allude to some of Jack's peculiarity. (like not easily surprised, a perv... I dunno. XD)

And randomly, I realized that all of Jack and Rose's final episodes in their respective tenures in different series of New-Who had a depressing titles/alludes to a (definite) end of something/being the last. (Parting of Ways, Doomsday, Last of the Time Lords, Journey's End, End of Time)

LOL. Doctor Who-ception

That being said, if there were people that hated Jack/Rose but loved Rory/Amy, they would really be hypocritical because if they liked Rory and Amy they can't dislike Jack and Rose because there were plenty of Jack and Rose's traits inside Rory and Amy. XP (And now I realized why I disliked Amy in Series 5 as compared to her in Series 6-7. It's because they tried to write Amy and being very close friends with Eleven so early in his timeline as Rose had been with Ten from after he regenerate from Nine. That can't be right, because the reason Rose was very close with the Doctor in his Tenth incarnation was due to the fact she was already gotten close to him in his Ninth incarnation!)

Aka you can't also say that you hate Russel T Davies's writing/tenure in Series 1-4 and claimed Steven Moffat's was better because there's still elements/influences of Russel's style in series 5-7. Muahahahaa. Aka this post wants to kill this Russell/Moffat hatedom.
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