Gintama Live Action movie + Mitsuba-Hen

Might be spoilerish on some parts... )


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( Nov. 13th, 2015 05:16 pm)
Been wanting to do this. Cos this amuse me so much.

Title: Karma
Series: Naruto
Characters: Uzumaki Naruto, Hatake Kakashi, Uzumaki (nee Hyuga) Hinata, Uchiha (nee Haruno) Sakura
Summary: Guess things had a way of getting back at him.


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So managed to rewatch the episode with subs... tho not sure who subbed it cos using those streaming sites to watch this.

To be honest, I'm trying to not judge the anime a bit too early. I mean, it's still only just the first episode. We still have a long way to go.

Spoilers.... )


Hopefully I don't sound too sarcastic there.

Now that I managed to watch this with subs... I kinda can tolerate it a bit. Cos without the subs I had to end up focusing on naked Herman and that's too distracting.

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And since this is starting to be too long I'll post up the rest of the word vomit on another post. I'll be mostly posting the meta on Tumblr I might as well have this be a masterpost for all the meta.


Ep 1 Thoughts Part 2
Ep 2 Thoughts Part 1
Ep 2 Thoughts Part 2
Ep 3 Thoughts
Ep 4 Thoughts
Ep 5 Thoughts
Ep 6 Thoughts
Ep 7 Thoughts
Ep 8 Thoughts part 1
Ep 8 Thoughts part 2
Ep 9 Thoughts
Ep 10 Thoughts part 1
Ep 10 Thoughts part 2
Ep 11 Thoughts
Ep 12 Thoughts
Ep 13 Thoughts part 1
Ep 13 Thoughts part 2

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( Jul. 4th, 2012 02:34 am)
Was watching HyakujyuOh Golion so randomly, because I wanted to. Because I used to watch it on and off when it was aired locally as Voltron. Didn't recall much of the plot before. Safe to say... my ship in the series was KoganexFala... then again with all the 'Kogane~!' shouting Fala did... might just call it canon pairing. haha. Never really remember if I had any pairing when I'm watching Voltron, then again back then I've been shipping lotsa pairing from Ultraman fandom, KR... random old anime, dramas... etc to He-man. Well... nvm~

The Sentai aura is strong in this one... the way the intro went on reminded me of Flashman's opening intro. And cheesy songs FTW~

And then I just had to get a glimpse of Ultraman MaxHaha~ )

And funny Youtube being biased for some reason. Loads Golion so slow yet for Max... so fast. Whut? Cospiracy for me to watch more Ultraman? XDDD
Reposting this from my fic. XD

Tsunaida Te ni Kiss wo
By Kobayashi Sanae (Allen Walker)


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And thus the small child had fallen asleep...
Sighing softly, like the embers in the ashes
First there was one and another Floating like a breeze, forming the face of the loved one
Thousands of dreams, scattered across the earth. Thousands of dreams

On the night where a pair of silver eyes had flickered open
You were born into this world, you who is shining brightly
As time flows, across millions of years...
How many times, have the prayers returned to earth and into the dust?

Still I will keep on praying to you...
So please, for the love this child has
I will hold my hands, sealed with a kiss

And thus, the small child had fallen to sleep
Sighing softly, like the embers in the ashes...
There was one, and another  Floating in the breeze, forming the face of the beloved
Across the land, there were thousand of dreams. Thousand of dreams

A pair of silver eyes flickered open, that one night
You who had been shining, was brought into this world
How time has passed, into millions of years
How many times, have these prayers returned to earth, crumbling to dusts?

Still I would keep on praying to you
So please, for the sake of this child's love
I will hold my hands, sealed with a kiss...

So I would keep on praying to you
O please, for this beloved child's sake
I would hold my hand, sealed with a kiss
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( Jul. 30th, 2011 07:06 am)
I should really be sleeping by now.... but I just had to randomly see that few clip of the new burimyu that has been posted up. XOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Seeing the new cast as in... new Ichigo, Hitsugaya, Renji, Byakuya... hmm, I guess it still needs getting used to. I mean... I still hearts Taachan, Nagayan, MoriEiji, Osamu-chan as well as the rest of the old cast. It gonna feel weird listening to new voices. But hey~ Rukia is still played by Sato Miki, it should still have some old people~? And also, new captains! Ukitake and Shunsui~ XDDDD They were like... the only ones aside from the old guy that was not on The All. (Finally 13th division captain is in myu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ guess all that 'promoting' works)

And then... I saw a new villain(?). Since I don't remember seeing it.... need to google what this myu was based on or if the plot was myu-specific. I mean.... A RED Shinigami? And then I saw.... WTFISH SHINYA NIIRO!!!!!!!! YOU SO OSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and for some reason I can accept the RED-NESS because HEEY LAST TIME SHINYA PLAYED THE KING '86 FOR KIVA!!!!! I MEAN RITE.... NOW I SAW WANNA SEE THIS MYU XOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I mean..... see THIS! tell me if you don't wanna see the myu. XDDDDD

/end spazz 
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( Jul. 28th, 2011 12:07 am)
[EDIT] Backtracking crosspost from DW. Hope it works?

OOO talk~ )Am so alternating my toku spazz with my gundams XDDDDD 

Gundam talk )

But yeah... not that I'm planning anything on GW. XD  
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( Nov. 2nd, 2010 02:20 pm)
Kamen Rider OOO 9

Scorching hot combo~ )

Last week I watched Ciel in Wonderland OVA 1 with my sister. Haha so funny. Damn silly parody jokes. Sebastian as the white rabbit haha~

I got bored, so while waiting for DGM 200, 07-Ghost 64/63 whatever numbering they used--and some other series-- I thought hey, lets catch up on Seikon no Qwaser. Waaaaaaaaat. THE MANGA.... not the anime.8D )

Nah~ Just gushing here. Not like I'm trying to convince people to start checking out Seikon. XD But Seikon is really amusing YO! XD

[EDIT] Oh hey~ DGM 200 and 07-Ghost new chapter out~ lol even Claymore~

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( Oct. 24th, 2010 04:24 pm)
Kamen Rider OOO Episode 8

Sabotage, Having No Greed, and Taking a Break )

Lately haven't being paying attention to current airing shows haha. Catching up with 07-Ghost and DGM and some other older series tho. The manga mostly. Occasionally saw bits of Dragon Knight. bleh (spoiler?) )

Random twits 8D

How I spaz over W and OOO XD )
Kamen Rider W 41
Diamonds~ ) 

So Gyps was telling me about watching Dragon Knight (hey~ did the all eps of the Japanese dub version released yet? XP. For the Japanese version... well partially it's more about the seiyuus hahahahaha --MatsuKen, Satoshi, and some of the dears... you tell me how would I NOT look forward to the Japanese dubs? If I had been a geek about seeing some of those Japanese dubbed movies before... XD. Whut! It was interesting! I might not be so hardcore compared to my flist, but I still kept that seiyuu list gattai-ed with some other non seiyuu people I'd like to track their works. 8D) And yeah... I liked how Dive into the Mirror sounded... almost as good as Alive a Life (my opinions, XP) and dang... I wanted to find the ED song. Satoshi singing~~~ *__*

I tried watching... really. )

So yeah... while I was looking, I stumbled into some OOO/Oz's stuffs. Oh boy~ )

TVN subbed DGP1. I never knew... though they mistyped Kuranosuke's name. Ah well... wonder if it's possible to see the rest of the series. *shrugs*

And because I'm still high over this series...

Blood Monday is <3 Yep~ )
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( Jun. 11th, 2010 03:20 pm)
FMA got concluded!!! Whoa~~~~~

Five years -and a half? I didn't remember when exactly I read the manga- of fandomness~ (at least for me)  X3333 (to save innocents from spoilers) )

On Agito now. Muses again~ )

On random, watching Janiben on 9th, I kinda liked Yoko's hair right now. XD Kawaii~~~~~ it finally get a bit more wavy than his Yumeto hair. XDDDD

And another random thought, thinking about the female Riders in KR as well as the rest of the female characters in the series. )
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( May. 25th, 2010 06:50 pm)
Been uninspired for a while... I wonder if it's because I've been watching stuffs or what--but I guess it's give and take.

Because of randomness last time, for some reason I ended up talking to my sis about some of the Johnny's 'Juniors' that ended up still not debuting as a proper group that actually lasted. Well technically still Juniors anyway XD

Anyway, I think that's how we ended up talking about Ikuta Toma and Kazama Shunsuke... and inevitably, Yugioh. Lalalalala and la~ )

Kaibutsu 6 was a lot of fun. Saikou~ X33333 )

And yeah, indirectly [info]plueonigiri 's indirect mindwashing worked, because yeah...I'm diving into Arashi fandom again. XD. (First it's Eito, then NEWS, then Arashi... then... *sigh*)

And W 36, whoa! New development! Accel Trial~ and Isaka's story conclusion?! XDDDD I'll type more later but whoa~~~~

Me watching Ryuki properly again because long time ago, I think I ended up watching this series from the middle part. *shrugs* )

And I think I remembered again why I used to dislike Kido with a vengeance. Compared to Kenzaki, Kido is so annoying AaaaaaAaaaaAaaaa~ I can even bear with Otoya's denseness but OMG Kido~ XOOOOO I think I kinda had forgive him a bit near the end, as well as in Episode Final but AAaaaaaaaaaaaargh~
Been taking a break from writing... more because of a bit of flu caught from my 'kawaii imouto' who I sometimes refer as my 'Ainosuke' and the fact my mind are so blank these days.

Been catching up on stuffs.

Full Metal Alchemist

I feel nostalgic~ XD )

It was fun catching up~ And no... still hadn't bothered to watch Brotherhood. Not because of the seiyuu thing... but because I'm lazy like Roy. XDDD. And even if I still redoing my Roy and doing any other FMA character cosplays, it most certainly NOT because the series regaining popularity or any such shit. Screw those people who kinda spoils even the thrill of cosplay! Can't you even cosplay freely nowadays? Just because I happened to cosplay one of the main popular character, doesn't mean I'm following the mass who just suddenly wanna dive into the hobby because it MIGHT make them popular too. I actually liked Olivia as well from the very first time she appeared in the Briggs chapter XD


XD )


Writing is such an addiction.

Kamen Rider W 35

Read more... )

And dad still obsessing over the machine. And my littlest niece is so cute! She got eeasily excited about Arashi and K8, can watch some cartoon or tv dramas so serious (I kid you not, she was very adorable in a serious kinda way), yet she always ran to me whenever a kaijuu appeared in any Ultraman episode. *^w^* Oh so cute~~~

Inuyasha Final Act

Read more... )

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger 38

Mogyuu Cowboy~~~ XDDDD )

And here comes the previews. Honestly, I don't get the wank coming from this series, as this preview now joins the other wanks. As if wanks are ever non-existent in Toku series... )

Honestly, I call it culture shock. Then again I read a rant about Inuyasha and people bringing in Nazis et al

Kamen Rider W episode 10

Heat... Joker!!! )


And now... if only people just watch the series and stop wanking. (Hahaha... tough luck, considering the past series that includes Kiva, Hibiki and Decade... I wonder WHAT SERIES THAT WOULDN'T HAVE ANY WANKINGS?)

And randomly... I wonder why some fannits are so obsessed with pairings?
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( Oct. 13th, 2009 01:02 pm)
It took Darker than Black to interest me back to watching any new animes... not much.

Darker than Black - Gemini of the Meteor Episode 1

Catch a falling star~~ )

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger 33

Juzo and Dayu returns~ )

Kamen Rider W Episode 6

Heat... TRIGGER!! )

Iron Empress/Empress Cheon Chu

천추태후/ Cheon Chu Tae Hu )

I think a week is never truly complete without a shinkenger crack. XD

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger 29

Mako becoming Super~~~~! )

Kamen Rider Double/W Episode 2

Heat... JOKER~~~! )

Been reading on this manga titled Ikigami. It's like a gattai of Battle Royale concept and add some MPD Psycho and other seinen plots. Kinda interesting. It's about a period when society is getting idle and full of apathy and how Japanese Goverment started this policy where they'll pick random peopleto be killed by poisoning with a capsule containing bio-nano material that will end their lives at certain time. These people would be given prior notices/ikigami 24 hours before the time they would die. Reasoning for this is to allow people to 'wake up' and start appreciating their short life and start doing something worthwhile.

The plot was interesting as we take a look at how these people who had been condemned to die a day later respond to the ikigami they received and how those people who were assigned to give these ikigami thought of their work. It's a nice thought-provoking manga.

[EDITED as in Monday post Kaixa Day]

Watched Ultraman Gaia's last ep. I think last time (before the satellite tv time) they either cut a lot of the episodes out, or that I never managed to see these few eps but yeah, I felt a slight feeling of completion. And call me nostalgic, but I always feel emotional everytime I watched ANY Ultraman series finale. Slight Gaia spoiler... I think. )

Yeah.... since after yesterday (aside from the random Go-onger watch), I've rewatched Decade 11... and FMA: Brotherhood episode 1. Pfft, long title. Though I would wanna Rewatch Shinkenger 8 as well. (Was yesterday's the 8th, should be rite? I tend to lose count) Since I fell asleep longer and missed the first 15 mins. Next episode should not be missed. XDDDD I always love it when there's more plot around Ryunosuke.

FMA: Brotherhood episode 1 )

So yeah... there goes my opinion. But for now until I'm done with Decade (especially since Decade would be halved in length) Voice and Triangle's leftover subs, I'll not be downloading Brotherhood. I already had other series I'm downloading (Shinkenger... and other leftover Kamen Rider movies left unsubbed, not to mention Mebius as well. And Gintama, Haha. And not to mention other random old stuffs and other random doramas.) so Brotherhood have to wait. But at least there's the new anime that I'd finally return to start following. XD But yes... considering I'm still into doramas (and Eguchi Yosuke hahahah) so anime for now taking a second place. XD Or maybe third... for I randomly feel like starting back at looking at the new tenimyus. (Hyotei B cast is a GOOD tempter... as well as the short reappearance of Hiroki Aiba in Imperial Presence)

Anyway... back to Decade 11

Kamen Rider Decade episode 11 )

Next world is Agito world-- and possibly the first ever Rider who had facial hairs hahahah~


A short on Shinkenger 8 )

And on a side thought... Psychic Lover's better off singing sentai themes that he originally sang. Since I was reminded of him singing Justifaiz and do not like it. Leave it to ISSA to sing awesomely. XD
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( Jan. 8th, 2009 12:16 pm)
Finally I've found someone actually subbed G-9. Surprisingly... it was in the same place that I tried looking for it but didn't find it. Interesting ne... at how abstract this OVA was. As expected from Keita Amemiya. XDDDD
Mika Hijii and Konitan's voice act was a bit refreshing. XD. I might sound a bit biased... but I find it cute. XP
Konitan can sound so... innocent! Hahahahahha.

And yeah.... after the initial spaz, let's do that detailed study of the epic episode of 46 that I've been meaning to make. XDDDDD. For the love of Otoya and Maya and Wataru and the Oyako bond and all things nice over the present Subarashiki Aozora no SeKai~

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 46

[EDITED] with some corrected fact based on the subs

Hahahaha I am NOT KIDDING YOU. It's an UBER LONG DIGEST over Kiva episode 46. XD )

Okay... dah puas~ enough already. XD
Hahahahaha.....catch up marathon time....

Some thoughts on 26-31 )

It should be interesting to know what happen next... dun dun dun. The fun of waiting until the episodes are piling on top of you before watching them. After this I should restart on catching up on manga and anime Gintama. XP

I'm being silly, but hey... I'm taking time off the rest of the unfinished NaNo for the time being. Might as well catch up on Kiva for some random KR crack...

Some seiyuu random fact... )


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