Probably gonna be a while before I get to recompile some of the toku twitter metas I did. But I only just recently get to post them as a thread so there shouldn't be a lot.


Foreshadows (Ep 5)
Hiiro (Ep 6)
Kiriya (Ep 7)
CR Rider Power distributions
Power match up (ep 8)
Emu revelation~ (ep10)
On the Way to 4-Way Co-Op Fight (Ep 10)
Requiem for Kiriya (Ep 12)
Double Ex-Aid (Ep 14)
Truth about M (Ep 15)
Revision (Ep 1-?)
Taiga's truth (Ep 16)
Bugsters and Gashats (Ep 17)
Pride of the Bugsters (Ep 18)
Patient Zero Emu (Ep 19)
Emu's Bugster issue (Ep 20)
Truth of Bugster (Ep 21)
Origin of the Virus (Ep 22)
Kiriya's Legacy (Ep 23)
Lucky to Emu (Ep 24)
A New Game (Ep 25)

Ultraman Orb

Natasha-Naomi connection
Thunder Breastar (Ep 17)
Orb Origin
On Specium Strom
Orb production getting better (Ep 18)
Jugglar-Gai-Naomi (ep 19)
Jugglar (Ep 20)
Oncoming darkness (Ep 21-23)
Jugglar's Theory (Ep 24)
Jugglar's unravelling (Ep 25)
Jugglar meta (Origin + series)
Juggler meta II (Origin + Series)
Ultra Fight Orb minor muse
Juggler's grudge (Series + Origin)

Ultra Multiverse meta

 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 + supporting old Tumblr meta
Geed/Zero Neo musings


Geed 1
Geed 2

Geed 3
Geed/Riku's origins: Similarities with Rei/Reimon 
Further Geed Meta 1
Geed 4
Geed 5
Geed 6 & 7


Garo HP AU Parallels


Lucky to Garu (Ep 1)
Lucky to Naga (Ep 2)
Lucky to Champ and Stinger (Ep 3)
Lucky to Raptor (Ep 4)
Lucky on Stinger (Ep 5)
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