Title: The Light of Tiga
Series: Ultraman Tiga
Characters: Madoka Daigo, Iruma Megumi, mentions of Kamilla, Yanase Rena
Summary: Post Final Odyssey. After Ruruya, Daigo started to rethink about the path he should take in the future.


"You looked like you again had the weight of the world on your back."

Daigo let out a strained laugh before looking away from the captain. "It's not that. It's just... I suddenly had a lot of things to think about."

Megumi chuckled as she walked over to Daigo's side, leaning on the railings as she eyed the vast sea before them. Seeing the open sea before her, suddenly made her recall how suffocating it has been while she was stranded in Ruruya.

She sighed. "For a moment, I thought I could no longer see this view from here. After the disastrous outcome that fell on the expedition crew, as well as being toyed around by Kamilla... I thought my life would have ended on that island."

Daigo cast a glance towards her before forcing out a chuckle.

"Kamilla wouldn't have killed you before she could get me to come; even then, to her... killing you wouldn't give her any satisfaction. Because you're not really Yuzare."

"Yuzare?" Megumi asked as Daigo gave her a weak smile. She paused, before realisation seemed to dawn on her. "That leader... from the ancient Earth Defence Force? From the hologram? But... what's the relation between her and me? Wait... come to think, before... during the time when the Zoygers started appearing, I saw someone."

She frowned, trying to recall the memory...

"When I called out to her," Megumi turned towards Daigo, "—when she turned to face me... I realised, she looked exactly like me."

Daigo chuckled nervously as Megumi continued, "That person, told me what the appearance of Zoyger would mean. I didn't know why... but suddenly I came to the realisation that the woman was the same one from the hologram. And I was right, that person soon changed into the one from the capsule after I asked if she was the person in the hologram. But how could that be possible? Wasn't she supposed to be dead... and again what's that have to do with—"

"That hologram... was also embedded into it, an artificial intelligence. So while it would play the message it carried as it was meant to; to certain people... that hologram could interact with them as if the person that made the hologram was still alive," Daigo explained, before smiling weakly. "As it did to me. And you."

Daigo looked up towards her. "Captain... what do you think about the idea of reincarnation? Of a life before this current existence?"

Megumi stared at Daigo, silent. He sighed.

"I guess, both of us meeting here was also fated. Looking back, I did wonder why I felt so comfortable with you. As if I've known you for a long time."

Megumi laughed. "What are you talking about, Daigo? We did know each other for a long time now."

Daigo shook his head. "No. I mean much further back than that. As in, really, really... a long time ago. As in, ever since you were known as Yuzare."


Daigo turned towards her and noticed her confusion. "Ah, my bad.  I shouldn't have suddenly dropped all of this on you..."

Megumi waved her hand at him. "Don't worry about it. But I guess... when you put it like that, I suppose it explained many things. Like how... I do have these keen interest in creatures from other worlds. And how, after finding out that you are Ultraman Tiga—I didn't find it too shocking. I never thought much about the idea of reincarnation, but I suppose it could happen."

"Talking about that, captain... how did you found out about me? Was it, during that time? It did strike me as peculiar last time when you started sounding like Yuzare. When you said Tiga was a being of light... as well as human." Megumi nodded slowly to him, confirming his thoughts.

Daigo shrugged. "Well, since it was you... I guess I could tell you," he said before sighing again. "I did have something on my mind right now. Though I'm not sure if telling this to Rena or the others would do any good. It's not about the wedding... anyway."

Megumi laughed before looking serious again. "I expected that it wasn't it. I know how much both of you cared about each other. So what was it?"

Daigo turned his glance towards the open sea. Immediately his expression became sullen.

"What should I do now?"


Daigo stepped aside before pulling down on the zipper of his uniform jacket. He pulled out an item, as Megumi recognised it having a similar design as Tiga's chest crest.

"My old Spark Lens had long returned to stone and into dust. This one, was given to me by Kamilla. It changed into this form after I managed to convert the dark energies from my former comrades, to turn myself back into a giant of light. The same way that I—Tiga—used to do it... the first time around. Long, long ago."

Megumi silently eyed the device, before turning to look at Daigo. Seeing his expressions... she could tell what was it that troubled him. "You didn't want to destroy it."

Daigo nodded. "Yet, I know that Rena would worry if she found out about this. But, even if I decided to not become an Ultraman again... a part of me, felt that I might still need this Spark Lens in case something did happen in the future."

He turned around towards her, slightly agitated. "It's not that I don't trust everyone else to be able to protect this Earth as well as Tiga had, but... I couldn't bear the thought that maybe, there would be something happening that you guys could not handle—and I'd regret not being able to do something to help. Or that—!"

"I understand,"

Daigo cocked his head at her, wondering if that's all she had to say to him before Megumi gave him a shrug. "But do you have to find your answers to this now? Don't you think there's something else you need to do right now?"


Megumi chuckled.

"You took a bit of a long time to come back from Ruruya. Because of that, Rena got so anxious that she couldn't stand being in Dive Hangar. She left for shore to somewhere... I suppose, to pray for your safe return."

Daigo smiled weakly before sighing. "I'm not sure if I should go see her, while I'm still undecided over this."
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