Title: The Light of Tiga
Series: Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Ginga
Characters: Madoka Daigo, Iruma Megumi, hints of Dark Lugiel and Ultraman Ginga
Summary: Post Final Odyssey. After Ruruya, Daigo started to rethink about the path he should take in the future.


"Do you have to find your answers now? Don't you think there's something else that you need to do right now?"

He frowned again. "Wouldn't it be selfish of me now, should I decide to no longer fight?"

Megumi cocked her head at him. "Why did you think so? Do you not think the rest of us normal humans would not be able to find another way to protect ourselves? Who knows... perhaps in future another Light would come to take your place..."

Daigo sighed. "It's because while I'm still a human, I'm also a being of Light. And no, it's not that I don't have faith on the rest of everyone. It's just... me. Before, because I lost the means to transform into Tiga... I thought it would be fine to just continue living as a normal human. But now that I got this back..."

He glanced up towards Megumi as he suddenly became thoughtful. "But Captain, what you said just now..." Daigo looked away before chuckling. "A new Light. Why haven't I thought of that? Yes... there should be someone who would inherit the light from me."

"Eh?" Megumi let out a gasp. "Daigo-kun... what I said just now, that's just a meaningless musing. I can't even be sure..."

Daigo shook his head at her. "No. It might not just be a coincidence for you to suddenly thought of it." He smiled. "Somehow, my mind immediately cleared. Was I worrying too much?"

He stared down at his Spark Lens before shoving it back into his jacket. He zipped his uniform back up before turning towards Megumi.

"Thank you, Captain Iruma," he said, before taking his leave.


Many years later...

There was darkness everywhere around him, but not the kind of darkness that he used to face before... yet similar. It was the same darkness and sense of helplessness he used to feel, long time ago during his battle with Gatanazoa.

What... who... where did this darkness originate from?

Daigo turned around as he saw a great blurry figure in the darkness, fighting another luminous figure who was much smaller in size. He could see many other creatures—monsters—also trying to attack the giant figure. Some of them were also fighting each other... perhaps, allying with the dark giant?

He continued watching the fight from afar, but then he noticed the dark giant making his movement. The giant was holding a long lance, similar to the one held by the smaller luminous giant. And the dark giant waved the lance towards the many monsters heading towards it—and right away, the space once occupied by the various sizes of monsters and aliens were cleared. Daigo frowned.

What... exactly just happened? And he watched again as the dark giant swung his lance around the now-empty space, creating a strong air pressure around him. Daigo tried to keep himself from being blown away; before something small suddenly slammed onto his face.

Daigo looked down towards the ground and picked up the small object. It was a doll-like thing... shaped as a monster. He remembered seeing a monster that looked exactly like this doll before it was being wiped out by the dark giant. What does this mean?

He glanced up, belatedly realising that the dark giant was now heading towards his direction and swinging his lance towards him...


Daigo sat up, breathing hard and feeling sweat running all over his body. He blinked his eyes, trying to adjust his sight... before realising that he was back inside his home. On his bed. He glanced to his side to see Rena still sleeping peacefully.

It was a dream, he mused in his mind. But it wasn't 'just' any silly dream.

He slowly got himself out of the bed and walked out of the bedroom.


Daigo opened up the drawer where he kept most of his important things and pulled out an old memento. He took a long breath as he held it firmly in his palm.

"Finally... it was that time," he sighed.


For a brief moment, he thought his heart had suddenly stopped beating. But as he started to will himself to stay calm, he turned around. As he feared, Rena was now awake... and looking at him worriedly.

There was no longer any words needed to be said to each other. He knew what that look meant. He knew how much his wife had dreaded for this moment to arrive. But this fight, was not something that he could avoid.

"I need to go. The fate of this universe—no, every single universe that exists right now—might depend on this fight. And that person... would need my help."

He could see that Rena was struggling hard with herself to accept his decision, and he felt bad about it.

"Why it must be you? Are you the only Ultraman who could save the universe? Shouldn't there be many other Ultraman that could do it instead of you?"

Daigo smiled weakly. "I'm sure there are. And I'm also sure they would be heading to that place as well to join the fight. Yet, even if all of us had come to fight... I'm not even sure that we could win this battle."

"Then why should you go there to fight regardless?"

Rena was crying now, but he couldn't go to comfort her for fear that it would weaken his resolve.

"Because I am a human and also Light. Even if it may seem hopeless, I will keep on fighting in order to protect everyone."

"Then..." Rena started to say, "... how long would you be gone?"

Daigo shrugged. "I'm not sure. The enemy was quite strong, it may take a very long time."

He took a long breath to steady himself. "Take care of yourself while I'm gone. Take care of Hikari and Tsubasa too, in my place. I'm sorry that I had to leave everything to you."

Rena shook her head slowly. "It's not hard for me..." she started to say before taking a long pause, "please be careful."

He nodded slowly. "I will. And I will be back."


He glanced back towards his small home as Rena silently watched him leave. He already said his goodbyes to his children earlier, so there wasn't anything else left to do. Yet a part of him wondered if he could still see his family again after this. He might even return home, only to see his two kids already turning into adults. Daigo snorted.

Well, if he wanted to still be able to see that kind of future happening... that this fight would be something that he could not afford to lose. It's been a while but hopefully, his fighting skill didn't get too rusty. Daigo looked up again. Rena was still watching him as he smiled weakly at her.

He sighed. Looking down towards his old Spark Lens, he held it high before releasing the light.

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