Title: Throne
Series: 화랑/Hwarang - The Poet Warrior Youth
Characters: Mumyeong/Kim Seonu, Yeowool, Park Banryu
Summary: The fight for the throne of Silla turned out not to be as simple as he thought it would be.


Somehow he started to want to question himself; whether or not what he did earlier was right. Because despite their last exchange, Jidwi had returned to Hwarangdo to introduce himself. And despite saying that he wouldn't force anyone in Hwarangdo to serve him, he came just to do that.

But perhaps Jidwi did want him to show that kind of response. To show the rest of the Hwarangs that they're still free to make their own choices, regardless of even the king's orders. And in a way, Jidwi also finally given him a time limit to work with. He had to somehow try to get the rest of the Hwarangs to willingly support Jidwi in four days. He needed to get everyone to accept Jinheung as their king within that time frame and swore their loyalties to him without question.

Yet, did he came too strongly earlier? What if his earlier opposition towards Jidwi made the others see Jidwi as an incompetent king? That would certainly be bad! And he overheard some of the boys making fun of the way Jidwi announced his true identity. Somehow that makes him wonder if he had sabotaged his own efforts to try to gain support for his cousin, who was also his king.

"You guys are so dense. Do you only see things on the appearance only? Somehow I'm questioning your level of intelligence."

Seonu carefully turned around and tried to get a peek of the people in the canteen. Some of the Hwarangs had gathered to eat, and some of them started to form groups of their own. And now, a few were turning their attentions towards the person that spoke earlier.

It was Banryu.


Yeowool glanced around him as everyone's attention was directed towards them. It felt suddenly uncomfortable now, with just the two of them sitting here. Their table looked quite empty with Jidwi (it was still weird to suddenly refer him as Sammaekjong so suddenly) and Suho not around. And where the hell was Seonu? He sighed. If only Hanseong was still alive... that kid would have also sat on their table. And he wouldn't feel so outnumbered.

Yeowool glanced towards Banryu, who was still wearing his serious look.

"Well..." he said, laughing nervously. "You surprised me, Banryu. Considering you used to oppose the queen so much before, I didn't expect you to be supportive of the king so suddenly. But I guess it's because Jidwi used to be our roommate. You're going to accept him as your king now, is it?"

Immediately Banryu turned his head towards him and slammed his hand on the table, defensively. "It's not because of that!" Yeowool snickered as his friend started fidgeting by himself. Banryu turned his glance away from him and faced the others still watching them.

"I don't like the queen, but I guess it's mostly because I used to also follow my father's stand on the matter. Regardless, I don't really have any opinion on the queen." Banryu shook his head.

"Just that... don't you guys not notice it? Jidwi finally revealed his identity to us now, don't anyone want to find out why? He had been keeping this secret by himself all these times... why do you think he finally comes out now? Despite the fact, some people in this kingdom probably would have still be trying to kill him before he could reclaim the throne."

Yeowool bit his lips. Now that Banryu mentioned it, the thought started to cross his mind. How did Sammaekjong manage to stay hidden all these times? Of course, seeing that Paoh turned out to be Sammaekjong's royal guard, they must have been together all these times. But certainly, there should be other people who have met them: even in passing, to actually be able to find out their identities. Yet strangely, there were none. How did the queen manage to keep Jidwi's identity a secret for so long?

Were the rumours he heard before... true? That the reason no one has ever known how the king looked like, was that those that did... never lived to tell tales of it. He heard many people making their own assumptions but he never paid heed of them. Since many of those assumptions were quite ridiculous and stupid. But he did remember something. The night when the previous king has died, the palace were quite in an uproar. There was so much power struggle happening around him that the moment he was old enough to understand the situation, he refused to have anything to do with it and remained neutral. It was around that time he heard that the queen had sent Sammaekjong into a life of hiding. He never understood why at that time. Was it because the Queen wanted to protect her son from danger? From even within the palace?

Yeowool recalled the few incidents that occurred in Hwarangdo before. There was that night when assassin had come to try to kill Seonu. And then, there's also... Hanseong. All that happened after the rumours that Seonu was the king started to spread...

He glanced back towards Banryu as the young man shrugged.

"You guys should have heard about it already by now, or at least rumours about it..." Banryu added before turning his glance elsewhere. Yeowool tried to follow his line of sights and realised that Banryu was staring towards a certain person who was always notorious in Hwarangdo for being a gossip-monger. He turned back to look at Banryu.

"There were clamours at the palace earlier about demanding the queen to abdicate, before Jidwi come out and revealed his true identity. Do you really think that Jidwi coming out in the open like that was a part of the queen's plans? I don't think so."


"Did you guys forget that the Queen wasn't the one that brought Jidwi here to be a Hwarang?"

Seonu smiled as he continued eavesdropping on the argument happening on the other side of the wall. Park Banryu used to be one of the most troublesome people that he had ever come in contact with, ever since he joined the Hwarang. Yet, right now... it seemed that Banryu had turned into a trustworthy ally. It was an unexpected turn of event, considering that Park Yeongshil was Banryu's stepfather. He had worried that he might not be able to get Banryu to join his side... but perhaps that worry was unfounded.

"Master Seonu... what are you doing?"

Seonu jumped, before turning around to see Dansae staring back at him. He hastily backed away from him.

"What? You mean what am I doing? Nothing! Nothing to see here!"

He had fled towards the dormitories without thinking. But just as he started to stop and gathered his thoughts, he started to wonder. Did Dansae come back to rejoin the Hwarang's rank?
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