Title: Throne
Series: 화랑/Hwarang - The Poet Warrior Youth
Characters: Mumyeong/Kim Seonu, Yeowool, Park Banryu, Seok Dansae, mentions of Sammaekjong/Kim Jidwi
Summary: The fight for the throne of Silla turned out not to be as simple as he thought it would be.


Seonu stepped out into the courtyard before smiling. The day seemed to be promising. He got the others to help him to try to convince rest of the Hwarangs that Jidwi could be a great king, and that they should try to decide for themselves of whom they should serve. Unaffected by their fathers' stances. That would not be an easy task, yet he would still try to achieve it. And now that he had some help, his burden might end up not becoming too heavy to carry alone. And that, was a good thought.

He glanced towards some of the Hwarangs that were loitering around the area. Somehow... that made him recall the conversation he had last night after he told Yeowool, Banryu and Dansae of his true intentions.



He turned towards Banryu to see his friend frowning at him. "Earlier, you said your relationship with Jidwi was far too complicated for the rest of us to even imagine. What did you mean about that?"

Seonu bit his lips. "That..." he gave each of them a brief glance, "... you guys haven't mentioned this even once to me ever since you guys heard that I'm a Sacred Bone—All of you should have realised it already that I'm not Aro's real brother, right?"

Yeowool shrugged. "Yeah, we figured that out already... but what about it? Even Jidwi lied about being Chief Kim's nephew... so seeing your situation being the same, I don't see what's the deal about it. Though I still don't get how Queen Jisoo comes into the story. But I suppose you'd explain that?"

Seonu sighed. "About that... well, Master Ahnji and the queen had their own complicated issues but I didn't care to know about it. Neither of them knew who I truly was and the queen had thought that I'm Master Ahnji's son. They probably had something between them, in which I ended up being dragged along."

He glanced towards his friends again. "No, that wasn't what truly made my relationship complicated with Jidwi."

Seonu rubbed the side of his head. "First, I need to tell you guys that I used to have a very close friend. That friend and I... we grew up as peasants in a village outside the city's gate."

Banryu frowned. "A friend..." he drawled before he's eyes suddenly lighted up."Wait! That time long ago in Okta! That person that Kang Sung beat up. That's... Aro's real brother?"

Seonu nodded. "That friend... was killed by the queen's commandant. Because he saw Jidwi's face by accident. You guys knew that rumour, isn't it? Anyone who've seen the king's face never lived to tell the tale." He sighed again. "Master Ahnji took me in afterwards and told me to live as his son. The rest, you guys should know already. So now you know how complicated my situation was with Jidwi... right? And Jidwi even fell in love with Aro..."

Banryu and Dansae went quiet as Yeowool blinked. "This... did Jidwi—? I-I mean... after all that, why are you still supporting Jidwi as King?"

Seonu turned to face them. "I don't... at first. I used to want to kill that guy... the one who was the reason for my friend's death. Even if it was not his fault, I used to blame him for it." He snorted halfheartedly.

"But that guy knew. Not about my friend being Aro's real brother—but he knew that my friend died because of him."

Seonu started towards his bed and sat, suddenly feeling lethargic. Then again, this was the first time he actually talked about this to someone else. What he felt about everything.

"That guy—Jidwi, he knew... yet despite that, he wanted to keep being my friend. Even after I kept telling him I'd kill him if I'm sure he was truly the king. Even after finding out that I could be his enemy—a challenger to his rights to the throne, that person still told me that he wanted to change Silla with me."

Seonu blinked as tears started welling in his eyes. He wiped the tears away. "Despite everything, Jidwi wanted me to be his friend." He snorted. "He told me that I was his one and only friend."

He glanced towards Banryu. "When you hear him say that to you, would you still want to betray him? That person, he would've just let me kill him without a fight rather than kill me. How could I not want to protect him?"

Yeowool suddenly sniffled, as he tried to act nonchalant. He laughed.

"Now, wasn't that just stupid?" he exclaimed. "Aah, Jidwi... why are you so stupid? We're your friends too! How could you think.... that we won't consider you as our friend as well? Idiot..."

Seonu also started to laugh. "When you said it like that... it does sound silly," he said before noticing that Banryu and Dansae were smiling as well, even though Banryu did look like he was trying too hard to keep his cool. He stood up again as he faced Banryu.

"Now it's my turn to ask. How about you? I know already that you are taking Jidwi's side but I want to hear you say it to me properly. Are you sure that you're fine with doing this? I mean, we're going to fight your stepfather after all... and even your real father was part of that faction..."

Banryu stared back at him with full resolution. "Yes. I'm very much sure about this decision than I ever had my whole life. And this was the first time I'm making my own choices, instead of following my stepfather's orders. And it might be good for my family... if I do something to stop my stepfather from continuing his schemes. He's been treating my father like trash after all." He shrugged, "If you want to also know my reasoning, well... like Yeowool, I started recalling many things as well from the past. Many things... about Jidwi. I know that he's a good guy."

Yeowool stared at him in amusement as Banryu stepped back in embarrassment. "I never really cared about the politics so much before but... somehow I thought, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if someone like Jidwi could become my king."


"...perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if someone like Jidwi could become my king."

Seonu smiled at the memory. He never really thought of this before... but the two of them really did have some good friends. Jidwi and him. He never thought a day could come that he could consider any other people; other than Makmoon, as his friends. But he did.

That felt good.

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