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Title: Goodbyes: Captain Jack Harkness
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: G
Character: Tenth Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, Alonso Frame, mentions of Rose, Harriet Jones, the Master and some other past friends and companions.
Summary: End of Time. Realising that his life was about to reach another end, the Doctor decided that he needed to take a look at the things he had done, as well as said his proper goodbyes to the ones that mattered.
Note: Reference to Children of the Earth and some other Doctor Who past episodes.


Finding Captain Jack Harkness proved to be a bit tricky. Especially seeing that the man had not been idle at one place for a long time, enough for him to catch him and he had not a lot of time to play hide and seek with him. So, since he knew that at one point in time Jack will set off to space; he might as well cut it to the chase and meet Jack a bit further into the future.

The Doctor sighed. The amount of work Jack Harkness put him on just to meet him.

Then again, he could not fault the man for the actions he took. For running away. Must have been hard for him. He had been watching. Watching and not doing anything during the time of the arrival of the aliens the humans called 456. Because he knew that if there was any moments in time that a Time Lord should not interfere with, those times and events had been one of it. Not because this event with the 456 could be considered a fixed point in time, but because there was nothing that he could do about it. That was the human's problem and something that even him would not have the power to solve. He have no right to judge who gets to live or die—that would be breaching the forbidden rule—even if he really did wanted to save Jack's grandson's life.

No one have a right to judge who gets to live or die. Not even a Time Lord. He had learnt that lesson at a great price after all.

In a way, it seemed that the both them had inadvertently been cursed with a similar fate. Not being able to die like how normal creatures do and having to face the losses of the people they cared and having to make hard decisions that could affect so many people at the cost of their own sanity. Having to watch in helplessness. As well as being cursed to forever live in loneliness.

Perhaps he could even dared saying, that of all of the companions he had—not counting the other Time Lords and Ladies—Jack Harkness might have been the only one amongst them who could truly understand him when he said that it was not good to have lived too long. Because it was hard. It was hard to just watch and do nothing, yet when you actually did something it always required you to sacrifice something else that was equally important in order to keep the balance. Perhaps he was not meant to be a Time Lord and Jack Harkness was not meant to be a human being. But then, what else could they be?

That aside, a lot of the things Jack had done paralleled a lot with his own. There were a lot of things Jack had done, good and bad... that have affected many things in this world. Yet, despite any of the outcomes... in the end, Jack had done what he thinks was for the best. Same as himself.

Had he not sacrificed Gallifrey and placed them inside a Time-Lock and inadvertently destroyed it and everyone on it as well as the opposing enemies during the Time War; the rest of the universe might not have been able to survive. If Jack had not sacrificed Steven, then all of the children that had been chosen as an offering to the 456 would have been lost!

How fate had been harsh on them... on Jack.

Had he not met Jack back then during his ninth incarnation, would the same Jack be around leading Torchwood and helping out to protect Earth and the Universe as he had now? Probably not.

The Doctor looked around the bar until he caught sight of the captain, drinking alone by himself to wallow in his sorrows. A pity he could not stay for long with the good captain, considering his current predicament. No, even if it was possible... he did not want to have Jack witnessed his death. He wished he would not have to meet Jack again, especially with a different appearance and personality—he did not feel that his next incarnation would be similar to his current and ninth incarnation. He did not want to see his former companions being sad because of him. That was his selfishness. After all, he had seen some reactions from people when they found out that he had changed since they last saw him. Few of the recent ones have been from Rose, Harriet Jones, Sarah-Jane and Jack—even if Jack had been amused by the current him. He never really thought himself to be that cheeky since his last incarnation. But he did not think they would always be able to remain calm every time they met a new him. He had not the hearts to break their hearts like that. It was already enough that parting with them broke his own every time. Plus, having met Professor River Song that other time, he knew that such things would always hurt. How could you be happy to meet the person you knew so well, yet when the time came you found out that the person you met have changed into someone you were not familiar with? No, he would not want that. He would not want that to happen to his friends.

He suddenly let out a gasp as he caught sight of another familiar person. He hurriedly greeted the person before subtly hinted to the man to take his drink at the corner of the bar where a certain Captain Jack Harkness was sitting. He took a piece of paper from his pocket before writing the name of the man and told a bartender to give it to Jack.

He smiled weakly as Jack looked up to see him.


His heart gave a mighty leap as he saw the Doctor standing—kinda—in front of him. It was a bit of a stretch... but he did missed the Doctor so, and he still loved the Time Lord dearly. He frowned as the Doctor made no move to come closer before making a gesture for him to look at the note he gave him earlier.

'His name is Alonso'

Jack looked up towards the Doctor in surprise as he wondered what the Doctor was thinking. Was the Doctor actually trying to matchmake him or something? Was he trying to tell him something—no, he should not recall those memories. Those still hurt to think about until now.

He stared at him in confusion before the Doctor gestured for him to look to his left. That was... odd. Why suddenly this exchange—Jack tried to give the Doctor a stern glare as if somehow he could give the Time Lord an angry psychic message. Is he trying to give him the shrug off or something...

Jack suddenly sensed something as he could feel someone else taking a seat beside him—right at the direction the Doctor was gesturing at. He turned and almost let out a gasp of surprise. He frowned.

No, this man was not Ianto though he could have sworn he saw Ianto on the man's face before his eyes readjusted themselves.

He turned back towards the Doctor as the man smiled and casually gave him a mock salute. Jack returned the gesture before watching the Time Lord walk away, hanging his head down. Looking at the way the Time Lord had been staring at him earlier, he knew that this was meant to be a their lastgoodbye. Kinda. Probably the last of this Doctor's meeting him in his own confusing timeline.

At least this was better than the last time they had parted way—with the Doctor's ninth incarnation. At least this time they would part on good terms, regardless of what the Doctor thought of him for being a fixed point in time. He was already satisfied that the Doctor still considered him to be part ofhis important companions. He wondered if he could see the Doctor again—in his other incarnations aside from this one. Not counting his past versions after all—all these time-travelling could be so tricky. But it could be interesting if they could still meet again. No matter what, he would treat this goodbye as if it was really the last time he would ever meet the Doctor. The Tenth incarnation... of course.

Well, who knows he could still meet the Doctor again who was slightly bit younger than the one who had just walked away...

Jack hung his head low before lifting his head up again. To think that he had been hoping to give the man at least one goodbye kiss. That man...always finding a way to give him a slip.

Jack sighed, as he turned his head towards Alonso. The young man did not look so bad but not really unattractive. He was not certainly not Ianto—but maybe he should not judge so soon—yet, it would not hurt to get to know him. This Alonso seemed to be quite cute as well...

"So Alonso..." The young man gave him a puzzled look as Jack grinned, "...going my way?"

"How'd you know my name?"

Jack rolled his eyes before shrugging, "Cos I'm kinda psychic!" he said as Alonso seemed to take the bait. He gave the man a nervous laugh before flirting a bit more with him. Jack chuckled as he thought he saw a bit of Ianto in Alonso. He chuckled again before finishing his drink, noticing thatAlonso had been watching him with interest.

Well, after everything that had happened... a part of him might be a bit wary to start on another relationship but it should not hurt to try... right? But funny that the Doctor would do something like this for him. He might have found out what happened... with Torchwood and everything. Probably doing this as an apology for not being able to be around to help... though Jack did not blamed him. A lot of things had happened to them and just when he thought the matter with 456 was over, there was that news about the Master reappearing again.

He had been hanging around Switzerland when it happened; the Master reviving and the whole fuss about it. It had puzzled him that he had not been converted along to being another Master clone but that was probably because he was a fixed point in time. Then again, not like he could do anything to help; being so far and alone and surrounded by enemies. He even caught a transmission off-space saying that Sol 3 was a dangerous place at the time. He had no choice but to hide... at least until the transformation was somehow reversed. And then there was that appearance of a planet towards Earth that might have been Gallifrey herself.

Anyway, things went back to normal though he wondered at what price? Jack glanced back towards the direction where he last had seen the Doctor standing.

"Goodbye... Doctor, and stay safe...", he thought before turning back his attention towards Alonso...



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