Title: Goodbyes: Donna Noble
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: G
Character: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, mentions of Wilfred Noble and Geoffrey Noble
Summary: End of Time. Realising that his life was about to reach another end, the Doctor decided that he needed to take a look at the things he had done, as well as said his proper goodbyes to the ones that mattered.


Donna Noble. His second-last companion—if Wilfred could be considered his last—as well as one of his best friend in this current incarnation. Such a lively young woman... as well as an enjoyable person to be with. He could not imagined himself, how he would be—if he had never have met Donna. Or maybe... he could, considering Donna had for a moment seen the world where she had never met him. That world ended up ending a bit more sooner than it had, seeing if he had died then... he would not have been able to stop many of the invaders that would have come to threaten the Earth—and the Universe—after that.

Yet, he wondered if Donna have not have triggered a meta-crisis of himself... would things be happening differently for her? No... it would not. She would have still die, alongside his TARDIS and the world would still end. With or without the reality bomb.

Then again if she have not triggered the meta-crisis, he would not have been so attached to this current form of himself. The Doctor snorted. Hah. How fate seemed to always like to test him on many things.


How much had this woman affected his life so far? Not to mention her grandfather...

He shook his head as he tried to focus his thoughts on his best mate only. Donna had done a lot for him, and the last thing he had done for her was erase her memories—even if that saved her life—and put her back to living the mundane life she had always lived in... and resented. He wondered if he could do something else to amend for that. Donna had been devastated when she realised what he had been planning to do to save her life...

The Doctor remembered the many times Donna had mentioned about her dream life, of how her wedding would be—at least much better than when she had almost married Lance—of that dream she had back at the Library. For once, since their last parting... the Doctor wanted to give something good to his best mate. Something... that she could consciously appreciate and treasure. Something that she would be able to keep, unlike the fond memories they had together that he had to seal off in the deepest corner of Donna's mind.

Yet the Doctor had nothing of value to give to Donna, nothing that could provide some help to make Donna's life a lot better. Because the only thing that he could have given her—of which he did—was the experience of a lifetime, travelling the world and space and time and making things better for the universe. An experience that have—and did—changed Donna into becoming an amazing person that he ever had the chance to know and met. And something... that he unfortunately could not allow her to remember again for fear of causing her to lose her life. Prematurely.

The heartache that he could never mend. Yet, he supposed that have been predestined to be. Dalek Caan should have known. It was already hinted that he would be losing one of his greatest companions... which initially he thought was referring to Harriet Jones. It must have known it would have happened like that... down to the very decision of his other half in fulfilling the prophesy of the Dalek's demise.

If only he had something to give to Donna. Because this would be the last chance where he could do it. He had an inkling it would be easierfor him to stay apart from Donna once he regenerated. Because he doubted any other incarnations of him; past or future, would ever be as sentimental and emotional as he. Haha.

Yet... it was back to square one. He had nothing of value to give to Donna. No money... no treasures, those where useless to be kept inside the TARDIS after all. And not like he had any other permanent residence to stow all that away.

"Oh!" he gasped. There was a way!

The Doctor went back to the TARDIS's computer as he looked up on some of the not so distant future of the present Earth's data. Ah, there it was... the winning lottery ticket. And oooh, the winning prize was not so small an amount either. Surprising that no one prior to this had been able to cash out on the winning number. Lucky him.

Although doing it like this might sound like cheating and misusing his powers... but who cares? Not as if he was going to use the money to fund on something bad. This was for Donna! She always did say she wanted to someday win the lottery in some form...

Now... if only he had some quid to buy this winning lottery number, he thought, before setting the TARDIS's destination a bit back into the past.


Donna Noble laughed as she continued entertaining her guests; her family, new and old... and friends. Today had been such a great day, finally being married to a good man and having the time of her life...

Yet, she felt as if there was something—someone?—missing. For some reason she was feeling that something was off... have she gotten herself—almost?—married before? She did feel as if someone had mentioned that in passing before. But when she asked, no one seemed to want to talk about it again. And giving her the pitying look!

Did something happened before, that made her life better? Had she met someone wonderful before, that has changed her life for the better? She shook her head hastily as Donna glanced around to greet the new arrivals. No, there seemed to be nothing in her mind to make her recall something to have made her think it so. Yet... there was still something lurking there, in the shadows.

It still annoyed her that she kept missing out on the current events. That must be it...

Ah, she wished her father was still alive to see this day. Her mother had been happy for her... her grandfather, was strangely too emotionaltoday. Did something happened today—besides from her getting married of course.

Donna took out the lottery ticket she received from the mysterious person her grandfather refused to tell her who . She frowned at it. Quite a cheap wedding gift she had to say so herself, yet... if by some odd chance this was a winning ticket, then why for all reasoning should this unknown person gave her such a precious gift? I mean... everyone would have jumped at the thought of getting the winning lottery ticket for the season, why had this person give up the prize to let her have it instead? Have she done something good for the person? She honestly could not remember when it could have happened!

Donna sighed. Suddenly she recalled the silhouette of that single man who happened to be present earlier at the park. The man had not made her recall anything in peculiar, yet she felt that his presence in her wedding celebration was right. Not like she specifically said that she did not want any strangers attending her wedding—but...

It felt as if she should have had that man staying longer for the rest of the celebration of her great day. She should have had that man bepart of her guest list...

Especially since that man had looked a tad bit sad. For some reason—now—she felt that she did not like to see that man be sad. Even if she had no recollection of knowing that man. Peculiar.

It felt as if she had lost a very precious friend, yet she knew she had invited every single friend she had known all her life to her wedding—and all of them attended. She frowned.

"I'm sorry for your loss..."

Suddenly she recalled something someone must have said to her... though she could not recall when did that someone said it to her. Loss? What loss? Had she lost something?

Donna glanced back towards the lottery ticket in her hand before stuffing it back inside her dress. Yes, she would definitely try to see if this ticket did win her something... and even if she won nothing, she would frame this one ticket and keep it as one of her precious mementos. Because she felt that this gift did come from a very special person.



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