Because Angels Take Manhattan sparked some thoughts.

Here's a link to it. Originally came from another tumblr user post and I sort of typed up my thoughts about some of the things that might explain some of the discrepancies on the Weeping Angel's canon. Personally I feel that the best WA episode is Blink. Not because David Tennant was in it and Freema (kinda) but because all of the timey wimey was wrapped together perfectly. Aside from the episode being where the WA were first introduced.

I don't really have any qualm with Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone aside from Amy being annoying in that episode. That's another argument altogether where I felt that the new team didn't really quite get the grasp of what they wanna make of Amy's characteristic and personality to make it believable.

As to Angels take Manhattan, initially, prior to the airing of the episode I did somehow have this anticipation to be scared out of my wits. Especially since they had the Statue of Liberty into the mix. Had to say that the image of Miss Liberty being distorted into that of a silent predator was scary. Alas, they underused 'her'and only have her creeping; at first, behind the Detective and second; behind Rory. There's not even anything else about the Weeping Angel inhabiting the Statue actually attacking people. Had to say, that was a bit disappointing. In a way the recent episode had made me hate the WA towards being the worstly written monster development ever. You don't even feel scared watching the Angels anymore in the episode. Maybe I'll try rewatching the old episodes again to try to see if the WA 'magic' was still present or that it stopped being scary anymore and turned into just another dull monster. And we're not even taking about the cherubs. That's also another underused sub-monster. I mean... aside from the giggly creepy stuff, there's nothing much.

So far, the episode did good for being the episode that marks the end of the Pond/Williams tenure at the TARDIS. Aside from that, this episode is the worst of all four (so far) that touched on the Weeping Angels. I had liked the Series 7 concept for every episode being one epic story one after another, but for Angels take Manhattan I would have preferred the story being at most a two-parter. Or extend the episode just a bit longer. I would have been interested to see any other mentions of 'missing people' or what happened to that criminal boss that remind me of a certain Henry von Statten. (I wonder if they were related). Because seriously? Why take a Weeping Angel as part of his collection? That's as stupid as having a lone Dalek in your huge museum. And tortured it, when you're inside the city governed by the Weeping Angels?


Aside from that, I was amused to find a lot of parallels over Amy's departure with Rose's. That; when Amy was sent back in time by that surviving Weeping Angel, it was to a place where the Doctor can't follow or save her from. Because by doing so might result in another temporal paradox that might destroy the whole of New York. Isn't that similar with Rose? But instead of back in time, she was trapped in another parallel universe. Where the Doctor can't ever go to take her back without destroying reality. In both cases, they were taken away without their consent. Well, kinda... for Amy. Since if Rory had not been whisked away she wouldn't be so willing to be sent back in time as well.

Another parallel involved their respective actresses. In both Billie's and Karen's cases, their last scene for the series were not the last scenes they filmed. And both of their last scenes filmed, involved them entering/being in the TARDIS with the Doctor. Also the fact that during the last episode of arc of their respective characters, both of them narrates the beginning and the last of that episode's scene. 

Not to forget, the fact that both Rose and Amy was the first companion oh the Doctor's respective tenth and eleventh incarnation can't be a coincidence. For them having an almost similar ending/departure as well as the fact that the very last time the Doctor saw them was through him going back in time and meeting Rose and Amy's younger selves prior to their adventures with the Doctor.

That's a lot of parallel. And while Steven might say that he dissed some of Russel's plot development regarding the Doctor's companions, he had referenced a lot of Russel's style and plot in his tenure as DW's current showrunner. Aside from the points I mentioned above with the parallels with Rose, the subtle hints in Series 7 (light bulbs, Christmas, Eggs) mirrored the subtle mentions of Bad Wolf, Torchwood, Saxon and Doctor-Donna in Series 1-4. It's different with The Crack and the Silence in Series 5-6 because back then we know what to look.

EDIT: Another parallel. Amy saying her nickname for the Doctor to him before she disappeared. Don't that sound so familiar? Doomsday~

That aside, while I was struck by a lot of emotions during the Pond's final episode... I don't particularly 'mourn' Amy's and Rory's departure that much. Because yeah... companions come and go and I was ready to leave them behind. Yet, it was still sad. Because they had to leave like that... and Amy and Rory supposedly had a lot of friends and family members. What happened to those left behind after that? What about Brian and Amy's parents (regardless of the fact the parents only appeared in that one episode at the end of series 5)? I think that was what made it sadder. Of what impact of Amy and Rory being sent back in time do to the people that remained. Of what all of this affect the Doctor.

Because Martha said it best. Travelling with the Doctor might be the best thing you ever had to do, yet get a little too close and you'll be burned. That's the curse of the Time Lords. Because as much as the Doctor might seem like an overgrown child he was still the Oncoming Storm on the inside. And the way he pranced around aren't exactly what you call safe. Glad this continuity remained constant. I would be outraged if Moffat as much as undo a lot of the continuity his predecessors had established. 

And we get a bit more story on River. (Yay) So we found out the reason why River was pardoned was due to all of the data on the Doctor being wiped out. At least (probably) from the 52nd century onwards. And this was another continuity, since back in Utopia Chantho had no knowledge about there ever been an existence of the Time Lord race. I guess you can partially give credit on that to our dear old Oswin Oswald for deleting everything that the Dalek know about the Doctor to oblivion. Because as much as the Doctor tried to lay low, there would still be one at least one race of alien/people (aside from the Doctor's companions) that will be aware that the Doctor existed. The Daleks. And the Doctor did say that even he could not hack the Dalek's hive minds to do that.

That aside, it was a bit sad to realize that Amy and Rory's end was as depressing as River's end. And the Doctor trying to be nice to River by healing her wrist because he knew that the time for River's life to come to an end is getting nearer. It was a bit cute and sad to see the Doctor like that. Because he can't tell River anything about it, not a single fact. And the dread he was feeling after losing Amy and Rory, because after that... looking at River he realized as well that he'll lose her soon. Since he already seen that happening in his last incarnation. 

Haha. That's a lot of feels.


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