Title: Chuno Chronicles
Fandom: 추노/Chuno
Rating: G
Character: Song Taeha, mentions of Kim Hyewon
Summary: Collection of short pieces written for the fandom. Can be either character pieces or stuffs.
Theme: Burden
Word Count: 100

“Being together will only continue to burden you...”

“I must have hindered your great endevours,”

“I do not wish to hinder what you're about to do,”

It was never a burden, not for even a moment. If giving him strength and support be a burden, then he would have willingly carried that burden. If giving him a new reason to live; to keep on surviving... be a burden, then he could not have imagined any worse.

If life itself was a burden, then what was not? If finding love was a burden, what were feelings for? Life without love, would that be worth living?


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