Title: Path Taken
Fandom: 추노/Chuno
Rating: G
Character: Hwang Cheolwoong, Song Taeha
Summary: The path that he had chosen was not the most righteous. Yet it was still the path he had taken.


He thought his assignment was only to pursue Song Taeha. And then come the assassination order.

Not that it would trouble him. Im Young-ho was not his master nor was he attached to the relations of the late Crown Prince. His concerns were only on Song Taeha; the man whom he had convinced himself to forsake, to despise. Those long days in the cell, he had convinced himself wholeheartedly that Song Taeha was no one important to him. That it didn't matter to him if he betrayed that man; that General Song deserved to be betrayed by him.

Just because that man had saved his life in the battlefield, didn't mean the man owned his life. Doesn't mean he had to repay the debt with his own life!

To Song Taeha, he was just another subordinate. Nothing more than that. That was what he made himself believe. Song Taeha saved him, not because he was an important compeer; but out of his duty as a leader. Nothing more. What's to owe to someone like that?

Compared to him, Song Taeha mostly endeared himself with the lower ranked officers. Lee Gwangjae, Kwak Hanseom... they and the few other lower ranked soldiers were much more familiar to that person rather than him. Even if he was supposed to be General Song's right-hand man. Even if his rank was higher than either Gwangjae or Hanseom. Those subordinates, were only loyal to Song Taeha. Never to him. Never once.

If he thinks like that, then his betrayal should be justified. Thinking like that should lessen the guilt swelling inside of him.

That's what he told himself when he slay Im Young-ho. That's what he told himself as every slash of his blade clashed with Song Taeha's great crescent blade. Ironicaly, it was only in moments like this that Song Taeha truly paid attention to him and him alone. Until an intrusion arise and the man fled his grasp.

No one could know how disappointed he was for that stolen moment.

Yet he continued his pursuit, whoever else he'd slain mattered to him no more. Be it former superior or mere minions, he couldn't care less. All that mattered was confronting him.

So he continued his mision, since he knew that man would also be there. To run after his subordinate and ward, whom he was ordered to kill. Even Hanseom, a lower ranked officer... looked down on him. He disliked him as well.


And he came. Almost as heroic as a mythical creature. His voice lost none of its commanding presence.

How could he not hated the man for giving everyone that dared stand before him shivers in their bones? How could he not want to tear him apart just for that man's attention?

He had waited too long to be able to point his sword towards the man. To truly spar with the man and showed him how he had become stronger. To clash swords against him without reserve. To just show Song Taeha that he was strong too.

Yet it seemed even when he'd tried his best, he was defeated. And Song Taeha haven't even used his whole ability against him. Not even fought him using his famed weapon, his legendary great sword.

The man had spared his life! Despite how he wanted the man to finish him off. He had betrayed them. Killed their master and former superiors! Why didn't Song Taeha finished him off?

I trust you will stop,”

The word 'trust' spoken to him by the person who should mistrust him. How that one word hurt him. How he just wanted to die by that man's blade...

Let us see this to the end! Song Taeha!”

No matter how much he called out, that man continued to run further. Ignoring his existence again. He hated that so much. 



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