Title: Nightmares
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: G
Character:  Rose Tyler, John Smith, the Doctor
Summary: Pre End of Time. Even on Pete's world, there's at least one person having had bad dreams.


Bad Wolf Bay. A place she never thought to have revisited again. Yet this time it was not because of personal reasons.

Something was going badly on this world, and she was not sure how this could relate to the other universe aside from this one. And she thought that all of her troubles have ended. Not really... but you could see it in a way.

She had started to get herself settled in, more than before. Perhaps because now... she was not by herself. Of course last time she was also not alone. But back then... just having her mum, dad and Mickey was not enough. There was still that hole inside her heart that yearned to be filled. It might sound a bit shallow of her... but she didn't want to remain single till the end of her life. Yet she could not find anyone in this world that she could try settling down with. Because her heart had already been stolen by one certain Time Lord...

But now, it was different. Mickey's no longer with them anymore... but her mum and dad and Tony was still around. And there was also another person. Her John Smith.

John was not quite her Doctor, yet he is still her Doctor in many ways. And unlike the real Doctor, John would be able to spend his whole life at the same time with her. They would be able to grow old together, to truly able to spend their lifetimes together. That wasn't too much for one to have hoped to get. John had reciprocate her feelings honestly, unlike how the Doctor would refrain himself to do due to the fact that he wasn't human. John wasn't completely human too... but at least he was half one. And that was enough for her. Speaking about John...

Rose turned around to find him nowhere in sight. That was weird. John had been persistent to join this expedition to investigate the cause of the strange phenomena that started to manifest in this world. Yet he was not around. Unless...

… he did something to the equipments to divert all of them towards the wrong direction. While he investigate the real cause by himself. She turned to see where her father had gone.

No time to tell all of them, she thought as she turned around and retraced her steps back. As she walked back toward the direction she thought might be the one John had taken, she wondered what was it that could have made John do what he did. These disturbances... they can't be any worse than the things that they used to face in the past! Not like... no, there couldn't be anyone else that could have made another Reality Bomb, could it?

But the signs were not the same. The stars haven't disappeared—yet, these climatic changes all over the world... it was as if something close to that was happening. But why would John not want her and everyone to help out? Why would—


Her heart suddenly skipped a beat. She started running, running towards the source of the sound. Hoping that it was not what she feared it could be.

As she reached the cove, her blood ran cold as she saw two figures before her. One, facing towards her had gone stiff before collapsing unceremoniously towards the beach. It was her John.

“No!” she started crying out, running towards the fallen figure and not noticing that the other figure had turned towards her.

“Rose, Rose... it all right. Everything's gonna be all right—”

It finally registered in her mind that someone had been grabbing her arm and pulling her away—but her John was over there, lifeless. She screamed.

“No! You killed him! You killed my Joh—!”

As she looked up towards the man who had killed her beloved, everything suddenly gone black.


Rose gave a loud gasp as she snapped herself awake. She blinked.

No, she was not on the beach. Not at Bad Wolf Bay...

She was at home. At her dad's mansion, in her own room. There was no danger... no impending doom and—She gasped as she hastily ran out of her room in a flurry.

John's room was located just across hers. He should be there, alive and well. There were no reason that he would not be fine. It was just a nightmare. A big, fat, bullshit of a nightmare. There's no way that it was true... that bad dream.

She paused as her hand hovered over the doorknob. But what if John was still asleep?, she wondered. Then he might think that she was just being silly...

But then Rose noticed the streak of light coming from inside the room and decided that she didn't care if John thought she was being silly. She just had to make sure he was all right.

She opened the door a bit loudly than she planned as Rose rushed inside the room. John was awake, still alive... somewhat in a daze but he was really, really alive. Unable to contain her emotions, Rose immediately lunged to embraced him; causing the man to react in surprise. She giggled at the mention of the pants as she kissed him fondly and hugged him tighter.

"I think I had a nightmare,"

Rose froze slightly. Both of them couldn't possibly be having the same nightmare at the same time. That would seem to be... unthinkable! She shook her head before gently running her hand over John's head. It might have just been an odd coincidence, nothing more. And to John, who might still not be used to the normal things humans usually feels... that might be new to him as well.

She kissed him again and held him tightly; sensing that both of their hearts started to beat normally again, having finally calmed down over whatever had been distressing both of them earlier. She smiled, slightly embarrassed now that it seemed her earlier fears were ungrounded. But who cares. She pulled away slightly to stare up towards John.

“It's all right.”



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