Title: Five Times Gai Annoyed Juggler with his Orbnica - Omake
Series: Ultraman Orb
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Kurenai Gai
Summary: To be honest, he's already regretting everything.


He used to hear the phrase 'let off some steam' from the humans he occasionally interacted with. Had to admit doing so did make him feel a bit better. Even though, yeah... that light pole almost did kinda impaled Gai if he hadn't backed away in time. But by his standards, Gai should consider that lucky enough. That aside...

Now that the goof saw him, his earlier action seemed rather stupid for him to do. He was planning to make Gai believe that he was dead for real just now... but he screwed that up. Juggler sighed.

Even as he took another breath of air, Gai was already standing by his side in that short millisecond. At this point, he already resigned himself to that fact. Juggler bent his body slightly to the side before turning to glance towards the man.

"You know, just one hug from you was enough quota to last me the whole week. Don't you even think... of giving me another."

Even as he spoke, he could already see the image of Gai having his arms spread open towards him inside his mind. So seeing it in reality didn't elate him one bit. It probably related to some long lost and forgotten grudge that he used to have but regardless, his body remembered what his mind didn't. So nope! Hugs from Gai? No thank you.

Not even that disappointed look he was wearing right now gonna change his mind.

"Aah, Juggler! Can't I just be glad that you're alive?"

Juggler let out a half-hearted laugh. "Heh, don't joke around. I don't think you're really happy that I still stuck around. You weren't... the last time I tricked you and I don't think that feeling's changed now."

Gai sighed as if he really had anything to sigh about.

"Juggler... are we still going to do this all over again?"

His nose suddenly twitched. "I'm just going to make it clear to you that I'm still gonna hate your guts. Just because I saved your stupid butt earlier and helped defeat Orochi with you, doesn't mean we're back to being best buds. So if you could excuse me, I'm going to get on my way and figure out what should I do with my spare time now..."

Juggler randomly picked a road and decided to head in that direction before he felt his arm being pulled again.

He clenched his teeth hard before forcing out an irritated grunt. "Can you stop this... Guhaaaii?"

The bum wasn't even affected by his attempt at mocking his name as Juggler turned away to glance up towards his sword that was still stuck upright in some destroyed district a few miles away. If he had his sword right now he could just swing it towards Gai's face. He couldn't even retrieve—Juggler just waved at the sword to return it to normal size. He could always take his sword back later. He turned his attention towards Gai.

"Juggler... let's get back to how we used to be. There's still plenty of things that both of us needed to do. Don't you say it yourself before, that it was our mission? A mission that both of us needed to complete together. I need you."

Juggler frowned at him before laughing again. "I... told you that? Hah... hard to believe I ever said something stupid like that..." he rolled his eyes at the man before something clicked at the back of his mind. "Though I don't think you've ever taken my words seriously back then."

He shook his head. "Nah. You do your own thing, Urutoraman Orb! Whatever we had before, that pact has long finished. And I still hate your Orbnica playing, so I'm sparing myself out of that. Bye!"

Juggler took out his deck and shuffled through the cards to pick one out. He snorted towards Gai. Just because he lost his ability to use his Dark Ring, doesn't mean he couldn't use his cards.

With a flick of his fingers, Juggler summoned Hyper Zetton's power to transport him far away from Gai.


Juggler blinked as he glanced around him. Not sure where he was right now but Gai's no longer on his back. Good. And just as he thought he's already done with Gai, his sharp ears caught again the faint sounds of that stupid tune again. Figures.

He fished his deck again to find a monster card that he could use to block the stupid tune from bothering his head again—ah, he found it! Right away the headaches stopped as he used the card's power.

He should've used this card from the very beginning.



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