Title: Stranger
Series: Ultraman Orb, The Origin Saga
Characters: Jugglus Juggler, Micott
Summary: Origin-verse. She couldn't help finding him to be an interesting person.


"Is that Giant your friend?"

"Who knows..."

It was a strange answer from someone who suddenly appeared into their cockpit, as well as appearing to be critical of the Giant they just talked about. No matter how she sees it, no doubt that the two of them knew each other and arrived here together. How else would the two of them appear just as they were in need of help?


And later on, the Giant saved them when their freighter went off course while trying to avoid the meteorites. Micott caught a glimpse of the two exchanging wordless glances to each other before the Giant turned away to defeat the monster. It was clear that the two of them were acquainted, so why did the man try to deny knowing the giant?

"...Whoa, awesome. Your friend was truly awesome!" Micott exclaimed excitedly.

"Enough already with that line! That guy—"

"Is not your friend, isn't it?" she teased, now already finding amusement over the man. "But he's your partner, right?"

Micott glanced towards him as the stranger went quiet, not knowing what to say. She smiled, before standing up to properly greet him. "I'm Miccot... and that plucky girl there is Ricca. What's your name?"

The man gave her a dark look before grumpily muttering under his breath. "It's Juggler. Jugglus Juggler."


Perhaps one would say, it was foolish to be easily taken by a stranger whom you barely knew his motivations or even his backgrounds. But for some reason, she really liked that person. She usually didn't get so easily taken by any men, yet from the get-go... Juggler did impress on her a lot. From his piloting skills to the way he skillfully wields his sword, for once she felt a desire to show someone that she could also become as good.

Juggler's personality might be a bit gloomier or more sullen, compared to his companion Gai... but she found him to be cooler. And, he was quite handsome too.

The man might have acted cold or distrusting on the surface, but she could see that beneath that cold exterior that Juggler was actually a kind and caring man. He certainly did care for his friend despite how he acted otherwise.

That, in itself... was quite charming of him.


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