Title: Throne
화랑/Hwarang - The Poet Warrior Youth
Characters: Sammaekjong/Kim Jidwi, Mumyeong/Kim Seonu
Summary: The fight for the throne of Silla turned out not to be as simple as he thought it would be.


"I trust that you would make the right choice..."

For some reason, he wondered if Aro truly realised what her words would mean when she said it to him. If she only knew... considering she hasn't yet found out about his true identity, much less being aware of the plans of some of the people in Silla right now. And Aro used to protect Jidwi... which would mean that all these times, she was aware that Jidwi was the king.

He had always wondered about that... and he wondered what would Aro think, if she found out that her real brother, Makmoon... or the real Seonu, was killed because he saw Jidwi's face.

Regardless, he would have to make his choice now...


"Then... the next time we meet. we'll be enemies."

Jidwi didn't even try to move away as he swung his sword down. As if he really wanted him to strike him down! Like last time...

"Then, kill him then!"

This person... wasn't even attempting to escape from him. If he had really intended to kill the young king tonight, he wouldn't even have a hard time doing it.

Seonu lifted his sword again and placed it inches from Jidwi's neck again. Jidwi had thrown his blade earlier, so the guy was truly helpless this time. He could so easily make his kill, just with a slight movement of his wrist...

"I wanted to change Silla with you."

Jidwi repeated his words again to him. Of his desire to end the unnecessary deaths caused by the Bone-rank system. To change Silla into something more than what it already was; to unite the Three Kingdoms. Jidwi's voice didn't waver, even when his eyes were already wet with tears.

Yet for some reason, his own will started to waver.

He thought he had the stronger will and justification to become king. He thought he was a much better candidate than Jidwi, the cowardly king that hide his own face from his people. Yet, he never thought of achieving the things Jidwi wanted to achieve. He only thought of just protecting his own people, yet Jidwi... did not only wish to protect Silla's people but he wanted to change Silla itself!

"I too, am fighting by myself!"

Suddenly he recalled something that Jidwi has said before. Back then, he had brushed it aside, refusing to believe that Jidwi really was struggling by himself. How could someone who constantly hide his identity from the people, be a good king?

Yet right now... Seonu wondered if he had been wrong in his judgement.

"Can what you dream of... come true?"

Of course, he also had desired to change Silla as well, but he hadn't really thought about it much. Yet Jidwi... he already had an idea of what he wanted to do! He could see it in Jidwi's eyes, his words were not just an empty proclamation. He could see a strong determination in his eyes; something he failed to notice in him before.

"It will not be easy. But if I do not try and just breathe, I will be living but I will not be alive."

"What if... I eliminate those trying to kill you?"


Seonu glanced up towards the shop building in front of him.

"I don't need you to kill for me. I'll take control of the throne... with the Hwarang."

He snorted. Why did Jidwi have so much faith over the Hwarang? Despite the fact they were so easily swayed when they thought that he was the king. How could Jidwi think that those kids would suddenly turn around and support him? He didn't even allow him to do anything to convince the kids to choose their allegiance.

"You can't force them to make their own choice. How could Hwarang remain free if you do so? I want them to choose me out of their own volition."

"The people have grown to respect the Hwarang. So if they were to choose me, the people should also be able to trust their judgement."

Seonu glanced down towards the envelope in his hand. It was the message that Jidwi told him to pass to Chief Kim. He frowned as he recalled the rest of the events that happened the night before at the throne room.

Jidwi had told him to relay his message to Wehwa later in the day. So the young king had called for Paoh to bring him some writing utensils. And while waiting for Jidwi to write his letter, he couldn't help noticing that Jidwi's left arm was hanging oddly. It was then he noticed the slightly torn sleeve and the bleeding wrist underneath. It alarmed him that Jidwi said nothing about it and bear the pain silently. He thought he'd just cut the bracelet from the wrist that he expected Jidwi to put it on. He didn't expect the cut to be much deeper than he thought it would be.

"Just leave it, it's not that bad..."

He recalled trying to tend to Jidwi's wound, at the protest of the latter. Claiming that the cut wasn't too deep, but he could see how much the blood still flow from the wound. It must have hurt a lot, yet Jidwi acted as if it was nothing. Despite how he could see him trying so hard to keep the wounded wrist from shaking too much. And he wondered if he had only imagined it—While he was tending to Jidwi's wrist, it seemed to be smaller than his own.

Not saying that he thought Jidwi's wrists was like a woman's, but a thought had crossed his mind that time that the wrist he was holding to still belonged to a child. A child that still needed to be protected, despite how Jidwi would have insisted that he was not. Somehow that made him want to protect the young king even more.

Seonu snorted by himself. To think that he'd almost killed that young king by mistake. Well, time to greet the old man again.


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