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Episode 2

There's the possibility that the psychologist is Gwangho's daughter. We didn't know if his wife gave birth to a son or daughter. And the psychologist had the same surname as his wife's. It'd be interesting too if it turned out she became a criminal psychologist in order to find her dad, since the case did become a cold case.

Also interested to find out how Gwangho gonna react after finding out that baby Sunjae turned to be his partner now and vice versa. Esp Sunjae, since he used to be comfy with Gwangho and cried when other officers held him as a baby.

Episode 3

Have to say I really love how the plot is going. Also, it was amusing, yet understandable seeing all the culture shock moments for Kwangho. But I guess, this was expected. Considering he just jumped 30 years into the future, a lot of things would be extremely alien to him. Tho, as much as Kwangho have high hopes of returning to his proper time, part of me felt that it's unlikely that Kwangho could even come back to his time without some kind of paradox happening. It's either Kwang remained in the present time or there would be another him that was running around in the background to make sure that there wasn't any other interference to events that already happened/should happen.

Also, I'm glad that the mystery of the missing victim #5 was finally explained.

That aside, finally Kwangho recognised his subordinate~~~ ❤❤❤❤

Episode 4

If Jae yi did turn out to be Kwangho's daughter... then it'd be a very strange coincidence for them to end up living in the same house! Yet that also'd led to another question... why did she end up being adopted at 6? What happened to Yoonseok, and why her records were missing? Jae yi said that she witnessed her parents' death... but that might just be her adopted parents. Hmm.

I read some people comment about the un-likelihood that Jae Yi could be Kwangho's daughter just because the actress looked older than the supposed age the character is etc. Tbh, that's just silly. As if in real life there's no one that looked older or younger than their supposed ages.

That aside, it's funny how Soonshik kept slipping whenever he talked to Kwang Ho. And it's amazing how the others often didn't notice it whenever Kwangho slipped up about the 'old days'.

And finally, the serial murders continued. Aka the real reason Kwangho was sent to the future XD

Still, it didn't explain anything as to why the younger Kwangho was being chased. And hopefully, the next few eps would start unravelling the mystery.

> Possibility of killer to time slip

Tbh, I have this theory lingering, that the murderer also time travelled to the future. As in... like Kwangho had been when he came out of the tunnel, it's also likely that the murderer was also taken out of time into the future against his will. Yet after seeing the confession scene, I started to doubt the theory... yet, it might also be possible that the murderer and Kwangho ended up in a different time in the future due to the fact they went out of the tunnel at a different time, aka they arrived on diff years in future. (I guess the tunnels was like a Bermuda Triangle, yet the strange phenomena only happens on specific conditions that I don't think the killer have control over.) Since from the glimpse during the confession scene it does look and sounds like the killer have aged a bit. And the focus had always been about the tunnel having a mysterious phenomena and not being manipulated by anything scientific, which is also supported by the subtle change on the tunnel as Kwangho left. There's also that strange fog too.

Regardless, it could have explained why the murders stopped after victim #6 (cos the killer was no longer in that time period) and why it would start again now (I guess cos the killer start having a relapse on his desire to kill.)

> Similar MO

It might also be possible that Jung hoyoung was just a copy cat copying the modus operandi of the killer whose crime initially was thought done by him. The kid already started to develop tendency to wanna kill anyway, with killing of the neighbourhood dogs... he could have later began to want to kill actual people as well. And what better way but to copy the murder method that he used to have been falsely accused of doing before?

Well, we'll only know this by next episode anyway but seeing that Sunjae had no idea about the ankle markings, it does sounds like a copycat killing. Also, Sunshik did said that the murders stopped after vic #6. And he should've been able to notice if there's any more similar cases.

Episode 5

Now, more than ever... I want Gwangho to meet Sunjae's dad again. Or more like... I want to have more people that used to know Gwangho to make a reappearance again in Hwayang and met him.

And I REALLY need that confirmation if Jaeyi was indeed Gwangho's daughter... not just for the sake of what could change between the three's relationship, but also that could be a lead as to what really happened to Yeonsuk.

The more I look into the actress as well as the character... (and provided that Jaeyi did took on her real mother's surname instead of her adopted parents) the likelihood of her being Gwangho's daughter is high. She wouldn't be one of the mains unless she had something to her character that was very important to the plot. Which is besides being a love interest. And if you could trust the casting choice, the actress did have a lot of resemblance to Choi Jinhyuk and the actress that played Yeonsuk and I don't think that's accidental and have a purpose. (look at their eyes, nose etc)

Jaeyi was adopted while she's six and that flashback of the fire had her being older. And that other old lady met young Jaeyi when she's about 14-15 yo... presumably during an investigation about who was the culprit of the fire that killed her parents. So it shouldn't be too far to conclude that the parents that died were her adopted parents.

Episode 6

/sigh. 88' Gwangho's dead. And I was hoping that he managed to escape somehow.

That aside, I guess Sunjae would be picking up the trail too... and wonder how'd he react if he knew that Gwangho was there when he's a baby hahahaha but it's unlikely he could remember, being so young back then. (I really want the dad to appear now wwwww)

And I'm laughing everytime Kwangho interacted with Jaeyi, or reacting to Sunjae seemingly showing signs of liking Jaeyi. It's like he's instinctively acting like daddy while not realizing it.

Also so funny on how Gwangho told Sunshik to not blow his cover to let out that he's not 88' Gwangho... but then he's mad at him whenever Sunshik talked down to him hahahah

And it's amusing to see Gwangho being curious about the use of smartphone hahahah. And him reminiscing about baby Sunjae and daddy WITH the adult Sunjae beside him listening. Hahahahah. And a theory been buzzing in my head lately. What if Yeonsuk also end up missing and sent to future as well? Could that be a reason why she's MIA? And aaaaaaaaaaaa have to wait next ep for another week~

Episode 7

So 88' Gwangho ended up stumbling to THAT case!!! and possibly being killed for it... and he might have stumbled to the real killer! And oh~~~ Gwangho's being all concerned for Jaeyi... and I laughed when he talked about marriage and elders.... and how her being picky over food reflect badly on her parents Hahahahahahahaha! And it does seem like she IS their daughter!!! Yay~~~~


And yeah, I gonna start using timeslip now rather than time travel, cos the latter implied this being focused on the time travel when it should be not. Since it's not likely that anyone in this show had the ability to control how to travel time at will using the tunnel. But anyway....

Aye~~~~ Yeonsuk!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahkghkhbfgljkiuyokjmljhkf I dunno how to contain this feels hahahahaha

Episode 8

Well, the excitement about daddy meeting Gwangho and proving to Sunjae aside, I'm glad that THAT allowed for things to move on and have Sunjae helping Gwangho instead of hindering him. But yea.... it does look like it'll get even harder for Gwangho to stop bursting out with info from stuff from 30 yrs prior every time of day. He was the type to just speaks loudly about what he thinks. Also aww, Uncle Gwangho always looking out for baby Sunjae ❤❤❤❤❤

And yeay~ definite confirmation that Jaeyi is the daughter, other than the fact she changed her name. Hopefully later on we'll find out reasoning for that.

And THEN there's the mixed feelings part. Like I'm happy that Gwangho finally start finding traces of Yeonsuk finally, but this is one roller coaster of emotions! It started with a serial arson case where he found pic of Yeonsuk, to finding out that she remarried and then learning that she didn't but then finding out that she'd... 💔 Like I'm glad that he finally found out that he had a daughter... but facing all this in one day, whoa!

And Gwangho finally broke down for real. Like completely. I was wondering when would be the moment when he reached the limits that he could handle ):

That aside... whoa that twist about Hoyoung was something. Whoa! To think that the old 'alibi' was actually a lie. So there's that possibility that Jung hoyoung really IS the culprit. And the reasoning for the changing of MO was logical too. Like it's possible that Hoyong din end up timeslipped, yet he lay low after almost getting caught by Gwangho. Which would have matched as to why the cases had stopped since the victim at the tunnel. Yet... there was still that gap in between that and Hoyong's first official murder. But then there was that part where Jaeyi said that Sunjae might have triggered the culprit to remembering his old crimes, so maybe that could have been reason for the drastic change of MO, like maybe he really did stop killing and buried it deep inside his memories and then Sunjae's words triggered it back. Still, I find that being too easy tbh. Too convenient to make one think that kid was really the killer. Tho I think Gwangho could be the key to finding out if JHY really is the killer or not.

And I find it interesting that the very words Sunjae said to Hoyoung that could possible became the trigger for the new crime were almost the very same thing that Gwangho had said when he first questioned teen Hoyoung.

Saw the preview and hearing Sunjae telling Gwangho to still try capture the baddie and hoping that would allow him to go back and change the events was nice... I guess. Gave him something to work on. Yet even then, I don't really have high hopes about possibility of Gwangho to return to his proper time. Unless the writer managed to tie all the loose ends nicely without turning Gwangho into a villain. I've watched enough time-travel/timeslip/DW to know what could've gone wrong/what could have needed to be done to maintained the timeline without throwing the whole drama into fire. (Cos I love the writing so far and I dun wanna the ending to burn it all to the grounds) That aside, hey... I guess now we know 'what' Gwangho would have need to have saved his daughter from. Since it looked like Jaeyi gonna become the bait later.

> And I find it interesting that the very words Sunjae said to Hoyoung that could possible became the trigger for the new crime were almost the very same thing that Gwangho had said when he first questioned teen Hoyoung.

Adding to this cos I remembered about the younger Gwangho. Cos it's possible that it's either those two who end up triggering the killer to restart his killing. So it's either JHY, or a completely different killer. (And I really don't want the coroner to become the killer. It makes it too predictable.) Also a part of me felt the reason Hoyong said those things to Sunjae was because the line he used was similar to the one Gwangho used, so he just wanna mess things up.

It'd be a very interesting twist if it turned out teen Hoyong was actually a witness to Sunjae's mom's killing... thus explaining why he remembered that particular incident.

Episode 9

Aaaa.... I was hoping that THAT coroner wasn't the culprit for the old cases. Because that matched with the Hello Monster twist where the serial killer became a coroner as well and linger around the daughter of one of the victims that he killed (the daughter also turned out becoming a cop to catch the killer). I was hoping so much.... but alas. Though yes, the clues had placed around. In a very vague way... until this episode where the episode itself was trying to make the hints more obvious.

Then again.... that make me wonder about the earlier theories that I made. About the culprit also had timeslipped.... yet end up in a much earlier year compared to Gwangho. Since that was possible. Since earlier on, when Gwangho had been knocked down... his bulky flashlight had turned on again despite prior to Gwangho entering the tunnel the flash light refused to turned on (indicating that the timeslip phenomenon in the tunnel might have caused some kind of electromagnetic interference--it's actually similar to stories about the Bermuda Triangle where people have claimed that there was something causing their instruments to go haywire.). Anyway, during that instance when the flashlight was on... it might be when the culprit got out of the tunnel.

That aside... aaaa, my heart breaks having seen Yeonsuk's accident. So it was a drunk driver. Yet a part of me was glad that it doesn't look like the incident was preplanned. Because 'too much coincidences happening' was really uncanny. Like how the old Hwayang station caught on fire (effectively destryoying all traces of the case records and of Gwangho), how the two Gwangho ended up meeting like that, how mostly everyone were gathered together, the fire on that killed Jaeyi's foster parent, how there seemed to have plenty of 'reunions' with people connected to Gwangho in the past... you'd start to get wary. I just hope that it WAS an accident.

But now that the culprit's identity was revealed, I'm very much sure that he recognized Gwangho. Because if you look back to that time with Yeongja, he was particularly attentive to Gwangho the moment he talked about the dots. Made me wonder if he would reveal that the Haein river victim had dots as well on the heel, because THAT (aside from the new kills) would have been a stronger proof to show that there were 2 diff killers. Like I get it now why the was no mention of the dots before. If the coroner was the killer, he could of course easily NOT mention anything that he wouldn't wanna make known.

Episode 10

Prof. Mok really is trying hard SO to get the police to recognise his work and separate it with that from Jung Hoyoung. And I appreciate it that the episode also showed his reaction at finding out about the 5th victim... which is an extension to his delight of having Gwangho also recognise the mark. Though looking it this now... it does look like he's not actively CAUSING a lot of the coincidences. Like whether or not he time-slipped as well like Gwangho, it doesn't look like he was aware of his connection to Sunjae until told of it. Makes you wonder about the thing between him and Gwangho... did he suspect that Gwangho was the guy that almost caught him; or not. Or did he start becoming curious about him because Gwangho happened to have the same name as the younger Gwangho.

That aside, if Mok didn't time-slip...there must be another reason why the murders stopped. Like he implied that all his victims had a sin somehow. And perhaps because he's filled all the quota, there's no more reason for him to kill. Like he restarted with the 7th victim because he thought someone was challenging him in a new game. Would that mean that the fire that razed the old Hwarang station was his doing? Thus with the records destroyed, he would have been able to disappear... as the case become cold case. Added with Gwangho's disappearance as well. Mok would have gone to hiding since he almost got caught that one time.

Also yay~~~~ finally Gwangho found out about Yeonho/Jaeyi. I guess Yeonsuk still watched over the two of them (perhaps SHE's the one making all these coincidences happening like having father-daughter live in same house XD). So instead of mummy coming to the rescue.... it's daddy this time.


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