I kinda posted on tumblr before that I might end up making a big wrap up post about Ruler, but I guess for now... I'm just gonna recompile most of the main Disqus meta I posted on Kissasian on the last few episode here first. 

Ruler: Master of the Mask 1-32 overall thoughts

Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 33

Hwagun~~~ πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” She started as a child of Pyunsoo who then started to change as she met Seon and strive to support him with her selfless and unrequited one-sided love. πŸ’”πŸ’”

That aside, I hope this won't be the last time we'll see Hwagun's dad. As weak and spineless he had been throughout, he wasn't really a bad person. I really love his scene when he finally stood up to his father like yes... Daemok started the group to protect those he loved. Yet, he actually cut down his own granddaughter and not protect his family. I love the attack he did verbally to Daemok and you see him actually took hurt at the son's words. But more over... I hope somehow Woo Jae could somehow play a role on the making of the antidote, but this time as Seon's ally. I could hope. XD

Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 34

Despite Hwagun's death... I'm somewhat happy that she's still a big influencer to Seon. Like yeah...Gaeun played a role in convincing him to not give up his title, Woo Bo too... as well as the rest of his allies. But Hwagun's death as well as the safety of the people that would die without an antidote (as well as the girls) is the final straw. Say what you want that you hate how Hwagun's killed... but this is the best thing the series could do to honor her character. Her death won't be in vain. As much as Han Gyuho's death won't be in vain.

On the other hand, I hope that the nanny lady/Yisun's mom don't start becoming a character to hate now. Like seriously... do you HAVE to tell your son that Seon's alive? As if that would make him let go of the throne and stop becoming the fake king. I really hope that Gaeun don't tell her about the jar too... because I don't trust her.

Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 35

I remember people asking why Gon don't bear grudge on Seon, but hey... now you see Woo Jae still not being able to forgive Seon. And he has a right too... from his pov as Hwagun's father. Since Seon could have been able to save Hwagun. But eh... no point hovering over that anymore. And I like how Gon now protect Seon, alongside Chungwoon etc. And as I see it, it's not just because of Hwagun's orders (yet it's still part of her orders.) As in, as long as he protect Seon... Gon would also continue protecting Hwagun. It's from her earlier orders, that as long as Seon lives, so will she be alive.

That aside, I still hope that Woo Jae could still help out with the antidote.

A part of me want to laugh when Yisun said 'would Gaeun refuse if the CP asker her hand in marriage?' Like of course she would! Since Seon would have ASKED for her consent before marrying her, not FORCE her to make a decision. I wish I could just hit his head... XD Also, he said SEon only gave her pain, yet he didn't realize he also gave her pain.

I was wary of the nanny... but I suppose she still have her head right. Do stay like that.

Have to say this episode had the best scene involving the Dowager Queen. Also with Sangseon too... but more to the Dowager. Because it's true, despite everything she's still the only remaining parent that Seon had. Also, if not because of her... Seon wouldn't have been able to survive this long. If Seon hadn't been poisoned right after he was born, he wouldn't have been able to have an immunity to poison to withstand the three poppy pills' effects.

And have to say, I like DQ scenes this episode. As prideful as she was, she still had the dignity to not easily admit defeat. And she had enough pride to not easily cling to Seon to save her since she knows she'd done him a lot of wrong as well. I really love this scene. Also, after so long you see Seon trying to act strong... here you see him just a child trying to regain the only other parent figure he ever knew.

Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 36

After seeing the interaction between Seon and DQ, you can really see the stark contrast between that and the exchange Yisun had with her. Like how shameless is he to try to get back to her good side now, and as if he could actually play anyone to 'follow' his will. Somehow I have to wonder if Yisun even knew about the matter with the poppy pills. But I guess he didn't. Else I don't think he'll remain acting as if he's on equal standing with Daemok. Daemok could always replace him... but I think he forgot all about that possibility.

I really love the whole hide and seek game. LIke how Daemok/Yisun's side thinking they had everything covered with all the traps yet didn't consider that the other side also plans their counter attacks as well. Really love Woo Bo being his quirky self and HELLO Adjunct Park rocking that hair really well hahaha.

Ah.... another week before the final confrontation.

Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 37

Finally watching this with subs... yet even before while watching this raw, I really felt the excitement. This was really the climactic moment, as the two tried to prove who's the real king (as well as Seon's party to also want to stall for time, in order to give Gaeun time to find the placenta jar) while the rest of the ministers act like kids unsure of which side to take. Which was quite silly to be honest, esp when you compare the two side by side. Like throughout the time, Seon's posture is firm, he was standing upright with confidence, and he remained outwardly calm. Yet Yiseon's (I'm differentiating the spelling of his name cos I don't think Gaeun intended to give him the Yi/Lee character to his name to be intended as a surname) posture had always been slightly slouching even before this, and he wasn't acting remotely calm and is so defensive. Even without all the arguments, you could see that the two had different presence and even if they never saw Seon's face before, they should have been familiar with Seon's mannerism prior to the switch. But hey~~ XD

That aside, it broke my heart to see Seon's face throughout the ordeal. Like he kept silently begging Yiseon to just give up yet Yiseon kept trying to hold up the lie. And as much as the Dowager Queen's statement/confession helped the situation to Seon's advantage, I don't think he wanted for the full truth of his poisoning to be let out. Knowing how that would affect the DQ's position. The looks that Seon, Gaeun, Woo Bo gave to Yiseon was definitely heart-wrenching.

Also, damn Park and Maechang so cool in this episode! Gon also swooped in like a hero~ and Chung Woon came in like... you know it's funny that no one noticed him until he stepped out to protect Seon. It's amusing. And... it's been a while, but it was cute that Seon pointed out one of his old prank incident to prove that he's the real thing. Like all the other stuffs were like so serious like the scars on the arm... (and like serious they tried to use the Pyunsoo mark to prove the identity of the king?), the poisoning... gifts received (which would have been recorded somewhere anyway)... and Seon there just mentioned his old prank, like yea. Makes you missed that old mischievous side that Seon did have like very early in the series.

Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 38

Kinda wished Yiseon could've mention the part that 'Seon' had sent an antidote before in which Seon could have rebuked it cos there's no way he had been able to create an antidote so soon and also cleared up the misunderstandings. Thus reveal that it might have been Daemok's trick etc. Also kinda wished that Yiseon could snap out of it and not trying to insist that he still had claims to the throne. Also, just because Gaeun gave him the name to mean 'having a diff life/path' doesn't mean the only path he could take was by being a false king. And as if Seon would have forced him to go back to being a low-life nobody and not give him a slightly better way of living from before.

That aside, I guess Woo Jae DID find out on how to create the antidote when he told Hwagun before that he could try save Seon after the initiation. In which that plan was thwarted by Daemok making Gon to take her elsewhere as well as him giving Seon the fatal dose. In which, Woo Jae might not be able to get to Seon in time to save it esp if he wasn't involved/present in the initiation ceremony (and it's riskier if he were to act alone with/out plan). I wonder if his conditions had any relation to Hwagun (and most likely it did).

Seeing the preview I kinda hope that Seon would use his connection with the peddlers/merchants again to counter Daemok's plan with the water carriers. The incident involving the copper shouldn't be the last time we ever heard of the peddlers, and early on the exchange btw Woo Bo and Seon kinda like foreshadowing that the peddlers would be Seon's greatest asset (and he did unite them all) so I hope we can see them again for the finale.

Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 39

Good episode as well. And as I'd hoped, Seon DID end up utilizing the help from his fellow peddlers (though I would've love to see a scene where Seon revealed his true identity. Then again it might just be me wanting to see -if I'm not mistaken- actor Lee Jaeyong being the former chief again hahaha) and stopped the impending riot by the water deliverers.

I've seen comments on how people were asking why they don't just show the Dowager Queen taking the antidote (and why they need Gaeun to do it) well, realistically... they had just managed to create enough antidotes and the ministers just started to panic and wary of the antidote. Despite not shown, it's possible that the antidotes were sent right away to the prison, ministers' residence etc so that they could take it right away. Same with the DQ. And it did seem depending on people, the antidote would take some time before taking effect. And amidst all that chaos, don't you think people have time to actually ALL check on her when the rest are so uppity to go direct to Dae Mok? And while it wasn't planned, Gaeun being the one to prove the validity of the antidote actually made sense since she's an important person to Seon and if there's anyone that could convince the others, it's people that are close to Seon. Still I feel people who complained just hated Gaeun, to have some important moments once a while yet people are so dissatisfied when she didn't have/do important things. And I like how that whole scene was played out like we were left hanging at Gaeun's fate and then switched to the scene at Dae Mok's gate fearing the bad outcome and then served with the twist that the antidote DO work proper (despite not being really quick to start showing the result).

Good conclusion scene for Daemok, like the great villain he was to end at similarly high note. I really love the last exchange between Seon and Daemok. The battle scene was also well choreographed, and you also get bits of Seon fighting as well as doing his best to protect his people, down to covering for his soldiers during the fight. And Chungwoon doing that signature move inherited from his father to finish of Taeho before Seon could be harmed. <3

End part where the party returned to those who waited for them is good too. I especially love how everyone turned away to give a bit of privacy to Seon as he hugged Gaeun, minus the eunuchs cos they perv lol. I love the little details like Park silently comforting Gon cos it must be hard for him to watch 'that' with regards to Hwagun, but I understand how the whole day's ordeal would've taken a toll on Seon. What with the water bearers, the ministers panicking, Gaeun making herself a test subject for the antidote, the confrontation at Daemok's gate, failure to keep his words to Woo Jae... it would've drained him a lot.

And the half episode stopping at Yiseon.

Ruler: Master of the Mask Episode 40 Finale

Great conclusion finish for the drama, while I certainly I can't say it's the best there is (there will always be other dramas that could execute things better than this and vice versa) but I have to say that this series did not let me down in giving a satisfactory ending.

Earlier on I used to feel so betrayed by Yiseon that I couldn't imagine his character could redeem himself near the end by the way he had acted before, but I'm happy that his redemption was written well. I somewhat expected that Yiseon would inevitably die regardless in order to protect his friends... even when the end result was slightly different than what I predicted.

That aside, I was pretty miffed that the minister quickly tried to push aside Gaeun despite the things she'd done simply by the fact that Yiseon had also wanted to marry Gaeun before. And also forgetting that originally, Gaeun didn't intend to even took part in the queen selection and only did due to others' influences. Even forgetting that Gaeun was the reason that the rest of them gained courage to take the antidote (seriously, another reason she was meant to be the one to prove the antidote works) and if that didn't show how much she (even before officially becoming queen) were also brave enough to sacrifice herself for the people, I don't know what else they expect to see. I like how Seon remained firm to not succumb to the pressure and made a firm decision to get the ministers to agree to his choice. Because yes, he wouldn't be the same... and series shows enough already how much Gaeun's presence was important to Seon. I also love how the show brought back the parallel situation back when Gaeun was kidnapped by Daemok and relating it back to the current situation.

While I was watching this episode's livestream, I somewhat could figure out what Seon was talking about the sun and moon necklace and now the sun and moon have reunited... that was the cheesiest thing ever and so romantic somehow AND I'M GLAD THAT THE SUB DID TURNED OUT QUITE CLOSE TO WHAT I MANAGED TO GUESS. The scene was so cheesy yet I wouldn't want it any other way lol.

Regarding Hyunseok... YES I WAS RIGHT! That story about his dad being a water bearer and how he's indebted to Yiseon etc was indeed a lie! Even if he did seemed loyal to Yiseon, I had sensed that his loyalties to Daemok was deeper. And... as much as Yiseon's sacrifice saddened me, I can't help be amused that it started to rain in my house area the moment the sad part came out. That was certainly a rare occurrence and very much amusing. The short fight as Gon and Chungwon did a combo attack to stop Hyunseok and then followed by Seon stopping the blade with his own hand was one of the best scenes I've ever seen.

Love the ending where the two were finally married and then Seon started seeing the spirits of Han Gyuho, Hwagun and Yiseon as he strengthen his resolve to become a good king. And I love seeing all the happy faces including DQ just warmed my heart. Good end. And hey! Gon did end up being a royal guard!


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